Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What You Learn

I am learning a lot about the people in my life, my friends, my family, during this wedding time. For example, Sailor Mouth? Is turning my world upside down with her issues. First there was the bad blood with the dress shop lady. Then the issue with the dress being tight. Then we moved on to her shoe choices. And now? Now I'm finding that she has a metal allergy or something, but only in her ears. This means my plan for all the girls to have matching jewelry sets? Kinda out the window. Why? Because I prefer white gold and silver, but she can only wear YELLOW gold. One simple little e-mail question has turned into a bit of a jewelry war. I'm also finding I'm way more demanding and WAY less easy going than I had thought of myself.

To All BM's:
"Does everyone have pierced ears?"

Sailor Mouth: "I do, I can wear my grandmothers diamonds if you want me too." (um, I'm not even wearing diamonds that day, well besides the studs that never come out of my ears. maybe grandma's are just studs too, but of course my imagination went wild.)

Me: "I'll be purchasing all of you something, I just wanted to make sure everyone could wear them." (conformity is apparently extremely important to me.)

Sailor Mouth: "yea but i have really weird ears and they can only take a certain kind of material. Had a bad experience once and almost had to have the earrings cut out. I have plain gold hoops if that works." (seriously, can I not catch a break here? my accent color is silver/white gold.) (i don't know when i decided on an accent color either, so back off.)

Me: "You have a metal allergy? Clear nail polish works, creates a barrier between your skin and the metal. Do you have silver or white gold? That is the color I'm going for. Does this mean you can't wear a necklace either?" (see? i'm giving her options.)

Sailor Mouth: "I can wear a necklace just fine. Its just something with my ears. They are just gold no white gold. I still haven't even decided what to do with my hair that day so you may not even see my ears."

Me: "I will buy you a set anyway. We can test the clear nail polish thing out on Wednesday night and the SECOND they start to bother you, we'll take them out. You can pass them onto your daughter if they bother you.
Do you want me to make an appoint for you at the stylist after all?" (ok, so I am a total bitch who will not be happy until her best friend's ears swell up and explode just so everyone can wear the same damned earrings.)

Ok so the guilt just set in as I was writing this post so I just sent her this e-mail:

Me: "Or you can just wear the necklace, I don't want your ears exploding or something."


Brooke Hughes said...

wow, that sucks, luckily my mother (who is a huge type A person)just did everything for me...and my sisters were the ones in my wedding, so i thankfully didnt have huge issues. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

haha i can feel for SM, only because one of my best friends has metal allergies too, and her ears get all gross with the wrong kinds of earrings. But she should ask you what you would rather her wear, rather than offering up random gold hoops. And, yes, maybe it is a little demanding, but considering the past conversations with her, I don't blame you for being a little demanding seeing how she sometimes needs to learn her place :) Haha, so sad that I am talking bad about someone I have never met! I am sure she is a lovely person!