Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Good Deed

Many times while in public I have noticed various people with their flys' undone. The barn door wide open. I don't go looking for these things. I am not some pervy crotch looker. I just happen to notice. And I always wonder if I should say something to the person. Like when we were at an air show and Grandpa in the wheel chair was flashing the color of his knickers for all to see. He was surrounded by like 5 family members and yet there the poor old guy was, exposed for the world to see. I said nothing and felt extremely bad about it.
So while in the grocery store with F the other night I noticed a woman with her pants unzipped. And my quandary began. Do I say something to her? How awkward will it be? Will she or her very large male companion cut me for being a crotch pervert?
I took a chance.
As I glided past her I touched her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Your zipper is down." She was at first shocked that a complete stranger touched her, and then I could see the horror cross her face as she heard my words.
"Thanks!" she gasped.
As we passed each other again in the aisle we smiled at each other.
My heart gladdened by the experience, I have decided to become a Public Servant of Modesty and Decency. And I ask you, my digital friends to join me in the fight! See a zipper down? Exclaim to the clueless person "X.Y.Z., P.D.Q.!!!" (examine your zipper, pretty damned quick!)
See a button hole without a button and a boob that is pressing to see the light of day? Tell the person, well, I'm not sure, I have no snappy shorthand for that example. But tell them! Just think how you would feel if several hundred people walked by you and say that you were wearing Tuesday knickers on a Wednesday and didn't bother to point it out to you!
Be a Public Servant my friends! And help someone recover their dignity!!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought i was the only one who ran into people with their zipper down more often than normal but i'm glad to know there's someone else out there who shares my experience. Anyhow, up until last week i used to be one of those people who just smiled and walked on by after noticing that someone's zipper is down. But now i almost always tell the person if i see them exposed. I know i would want someone to tell me. Thanks for a fun blog!