Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bridal Bag

I know I need to have an "emergency" bag/kit for the day of the wedding, so I am compiling a list of things to put in what I am calling the "Bridal Bag". Below is the list:

1) Anti-Anxiety meds
2) Massive amounts of Ibuprofen( a co-worker told me to take one first thing in the morning before going to get my hair done.)
3) Tums / pepcid
4) Hair spray
5) Make-up
6) spray on deodorant (for sharing)
7) Clear nail polish
8) Safety pins
9) Extra hair pins
10) Baby powder
11) anti-poo pills (jic)
12) Kleenex
So I'm asking, am I missing anything important? What did you former brides wish you'd packed in your "bridal bag"? What have you future brides set aside to pack in your "bridal bag" or what have people told you to make sure you have?
Anything I won't need?


Stacey said...

1. static cling spray
2. breath mints
3. tide pen

DevilsHeaven said...

Static cling spray! Excellent! Oh and I always carry a Tide pen but completely forgot it for this! Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

First time reading-- but I had to chime in-- I just got married in August.

Pack a mini sewing kit. Just in case something goes kind of wonky. I used mine-- believe me! :)