Monday, September 08, 2008

Dress Reports

I mailed out the Bride's Maids' dresses a few days ago, and I am starting to hear back from my gals.

CBF: "I tired it on, and I was surprised that it fit-- but it was a really tight fit putting it on. Then after some seriously comic attempts at getting it off... I realized that I had the zipper only half way down. Makes it a lot easier to get it on and off if you actually have the zipper, ya know, down.

I did try it on with my shoes, and I must say, it looks uber cute. I heart shoes! And pretty dresses-- it's such a pretty color. "

Sailor Mouth: "Well I got the dress. Can get it on, can zip it until it hits my back. Fine at hips, stomach, but it hits right above there and under boobs there's an issue. It will zip. Kind of tight. Can't breath too well, might pass out, but its on.

Going to gym later to work on that issue."

I delivered Eldest Sister's dress to her and she immediately tried it on. It was tight under her boobs too. I zipped her up, as this is our exchange:

ES:"Oh, tell me you aren't doing what I think you are doing." (i was yanking her dress together in the back in order to zip it.)
Me: "I am."
ES: "Oh no."
Me: "Oh Yes. DANG! I don't know if this is going to work."
ES: "It has to. I guess I put on some weight recently."
Me: "Ok, I'm not trying to grab your ass or anything, but I have to hold the dress taut."
ES: "You can get it."
Me: "CRAP! OK, how's that?"
ES: " I can't breath, not really anyway."
Me: "WOW, it looks awesome!"

As for Second Eldest? She tried it on later in the day and called me with an update:

SE: "I tired my dress on."
Me: "And?"
SE: " I'll have to lose 35 lbs before the wedding, but I got it on." ( mind you, she's a size 6)
Me: "It's tight? Under the boobs?"
SE: "Yes, exactly."
Me: "Same thing with everyone else so far, it must be how the dress is made."
SE: "That's stupid. They had our measurements."
Me: " I agree."
SE: "The other thing is............."
Me: "oh, what?"
SE: "There are spots on it."
Me: "are you serious?" (you have no idea how much I was hoping she was yankin my chain, she was not.)
SE: "I'm serious."
Me: "Oh god. What is it?"
SE: "I don't know. It looks like grease."
Me: "I only had it out of the bag like once, on the couch, I don't know how that could have happened."
SE: "I'm not saying you did it, I'm just telling you it's there."
Me: "I know. How bad is it?"
SE: "The biggest one is the size of a half dollar."
Me: "oh god."
SE: " I thought I'd call ya and see what you thought."
Me: " I don't know."
SE: " I'll call the place tomorrow and see what she says."
Me: " I can tell you, she won't be helpful."
SE: " I know, she was kind of rude to begin with."
Me: " Maybe get it dry cleaned?"
SE: "No, that might make it worse, at least until I know what it is."
Me: "I doubt there's time to re-order."
SE: " I'll call and see what she says."
Me: " Ok, man that really sucks."
SE: "I know."

I haven't heard yet. Say a pray for me people that SE's dress is fixable. PLEASE LORD.

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Becky said...

OMG. Did they have the same dresses that I wore in a wedding in August? Because that was my problem. Only we couldn't get it zipped at all and the mother of the bride had to do an emergency sewing project 2 days before the wedding. Wheee! It worked, though, and no one could even tell. Thank God. At least your girls can get into their dresses!

Good luck!