Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I know my entry the other day was rather harsh. Lots of swearing. I really just needed to vent and since I couldn't even dream of picking up the phone and letting loose at the person in question, I knew you all, my digital friends, wouldn't be running back to F or threatening to be miserable during the wedding or threaten that you're not to coming to the wedding (which, um, in case you were waiting for your pearl lined envelope to arrive in the mail, ah, it's not going to.) so I told you how I felt. I just think that was one of the lowest things his brother could have done and as you can tell it really got my blood up as my mom would say. So I apologize if any one was offended. We (ok, I) still have not heard if W has changed his story or not. F and I are moving forward with everything as though the call never happened.
I'm hoping the guilt of what he has done is eating away at his rotten heart and keeping him up at night.
I didn't say I wasn't still angry.
I know it's said we have to turn the other cheek, I just don't remember reading a time line for when, exactly, that had to happen.
Splitting hairs, I know.

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April said...

See. Another reason I should have stayed anonymous. I can't vent like you can. Don't apologize for it, it's a gift. If people are offended all they have to do is click the red X at the upper right hand corner.

Have you heard anything back on your sister's dress? Can they get the spots out?