Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Give Up

Sailor Mouth called.

SM: " Can I wear boots?"

Me: "Uh, you don't mean combat boots do you?"

SM: "NO! I won't bring those." (but she HAS some.)

Me: "Well, I guess since your dress is long enough, it doesn't matter."

SM: "Ok, good. The last time I smashed my foot I was in a wedding and I had to wear wide toed boots that came up to my knees. And the dress was short."

Me: "Oh my, haahahaha. I'd love to see those pictures." (sweet jesus, knee high boots? the dress is long the dress is long thedressislong.)

SM: " Yeah, those people at that wedding they were just happy I was there, and able to walk down the aisle." (anyone else detect a bit of a jab there? no? yes? hmmm?)

Me: "Right."

SM: "Well, good I just wanted to check on you and see if that was ok."

Me: "Yes, that's fine. As long as you can walk down the aisle and aren't tripping we're cool."

SM: "Oh yes! I'll be there! And I'll be WALKING down that aisle."

Me: " Ok, good!"

I think I know what boots she's referring to. They are knee high pirate boots. For a costume. I believe I've seen the picture.
Or are they for her Renaissance Festival costume? I'm not sure.

The dress is floor length. It is not a problem.



Anonymous said...

at least she called and asked first...? (Trying to see the up side...)

Molly said...

I'm sorry, but I am over this girl. I realize that some brides take their requests too far, but I don't think asking her to wear dresses shoes qualifies as that.

She agreeded to be in your wedding. As a bridesMAID. The name itself implies that they kind of wear what you ask them to.

Just my opinion, but she seems like a headahce.