Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arrival Time Overload

Awhile ago I booked flights for MIL, FIL and Uncle. They arrive at 8 am two days before the wedding. Fine. I would stay home and make breakfast(and medicate) while F went and collected them all.
Now? Now F has booked flights for W(yes, he's coming again, but we're still a month out so that could change.) and T and their 2 kids. All. On. The. Same. Flight.
Oh, and he wants his two best men, M and L and L's fiancee' (LT) on the same flight as well.
So let's do some math shall we?

FIL+MIL+UNCLE+W+T+C+J+M+L+LT=10 arriving @ 8 am
A hotel check-in time of 3pm

ME having a mental and emotional breakdown and crying myself to sleep under the stairs in the basement.

F said we'd all go out to breakfast, I said I'd make it for everyone.

Seriously, I apparently love stabbing myself in the eye with a dull lead pencil.

I begged F to PLEASE call the hotel and get everyone an extra early check in time!! 12 people, 2 bathrooms.
One stressed out Bride.


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