Thursday, June 12, 2008

Play Well Together, PLEASE!

There have been some issues and miscommunication about the BM dresses getting ordered. I understood that my girls could just call in and be all set. Then I started hearing back, "They took my credit card over the phone, but told me I had to e-mail my measurements in." I chalked it up to the person answering the phone. But then I heard it again, and again, and all 3 times they were none too pleased about having to go this route. They questioned, as did I, why the credit card could be taken over the phone but the measurements could not? "It's policy, we have to have the measurements in writing." Really? Because you didn't tell me that policy when I was standing there, in front of you, asking you if it would be ok for my girls to just all call in. "Yes yes, sure, no problem." is what you told me. Now there is a Policy? I'm a tad put off by this. However, since everyone seemed to be dealing with it, I was ok to let it pass.
Then Sailor Mouth called. You've never heard about Sailor Mouth. She is a friend who throughout the majority of our friendship has been a long distance friend. She moved into our middle school one year, and moved out the next. Came back a year later, and then left again. It was very upsetting, but we wrote each other week long letters filled with gossip and crushes and latest bitches, as teenage girls do. (well at least back before texting and IMing and what-not.) As adults I went onto college and she went to work trying to squeeze in classes here and there. I finally talked her out of a bad relationship and into a good one (or so it seemed at the time, but that's another blog page) and finally met her husband 2 nights before their wedding as we sat on the floor in their tiny apartment drinking adult beverages and tying together her favors. Anyway, Sailor Mouth is just that, she has the mouth of a sailor. She swears, the F bomb is like air to her. And she cracks me the hell up with her stories about telling people off, even if they are her customers. That was until the person she told off? The BM Dress Shop lady. Oh sweet heavens above, she went off on Dress Shop lady,threatened to cancel her dress because she was tired of dealing with this "Bullshit." The bullshit? She was hacked off that she had to e-mail her measurements in(she had to PAY someone to take her measurements because she wasn't ordering her dress through them, nice people), that the Dress Shop lady didn't tell her how much was being charged on her credit card AND when she attempted to e-mail in her stuff, it bounced back as undeliverable. All of which the Dress Shop lady denied, which sent Sailor Mouth over the edge, and threatened to cancel her dress and "Let you people deal with the pissed off Bride!" (the bride is not pissed off, just annoyed that everyone is making this into such an ordeal and heightening her need for meds.) Sailor Mouth calls me at work to relay the above incident which isn't even close to everything she said. At the same time my second work line rings, its Dress Shop lady, she left a message to call her, which I did once I attempted to calm down Sailor Mouth. Dress Shop lady? "Your friend, Sailor Mouth, I don't think she wants to be in the wedding, she said she would cancel her dress! I really think she doesn't want to walk for you!" Dress Shop lady is European, and English isn't her first language, so she says things a little differently, which I'm used to, because F is the same way. Anyway, I decided I would tell her my concerns about not being told about the e-mailing, she didn't want to hear it. She kept agreeing with me, but she really wasn't getting what I was saying. I finally got her off of Sailor Mouth dropping out of the wedding and onto CBF, to check and see if she did in fact e-mail in her measurements. She didn't know.
What R? Did you get R's? I'm not sure.
And the wraps? I suppose I could call the company. I'll have to call you later and let you know, I'll leave you a message if you aren't there.
That was 2.5 hrs ago. No call. No message.
There just might be a pissed off Bride after all.

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