Friday, December 21, 2007

All Over the Place

This post will be the last post of 2007. I refuse to post from F’s computer since he does not know about this Blog. And I do not want to give him any clues that it exists.
Since I have a few things to write about, this will be random, from all over the board.

  • I am sick. Again. Just when I was feeling better, WHAM! Head cold from HELL. I could not breath, no matter what kind of drugs I took. My young co-work (still in college, actually, just graduated this past weekend) who is a total hippie, told me about this thing, Nasal Cleansing. Where you “Flush” your nasal passages by shoot watering into one nostril, and letting it gush out the other. Yeah, sounds grosser than it actually is. Since I was walking around unable to breath, I thought, what the hey, I’ll try it.
    O.M.G. I will NEVER go through another cold or allergy season again without this little trick!!! I CAN BREATH!!!! It IS a MIRICLE!
    But I still sound like I’m 60 years old and have smoked 3 packs a day for the last 50 yrs.

  • The gift I wanted to get F, a Trilogy Box set DVD about some gangsters? Could. Not. Find. It. Anywhere. Back in the beginning of November, I saw it when we were together at Costco, and had a coupon for it. But F was there, so no go. Plus, he threw the coupon out, so I couldn’t go back and get it. I finally ended up ordering it from their website. Yesterday. So F’s present? A black and white printout of the picture of the box set. Yeah.
    I almost had it ordered the other night, and F comes waltzing in the door, early. Grrrr. I had to close that order window and FAST!

  • The woman I work with who wears the Crocs and who comes to work when she has vertigo so badly she can’t walk around a corner too quickly and without holding onto the wall, who came to work with PNEUMONIA, told me to go home today while I was having a coughing fit.
    When I could catch my breath, I said to her, “You’re one to talk.” Then she went on as if she was commiserating with me. Um, right.

  • Earlier this week I started taking AirBorne. That stuff that is suppose to prevent you from getting sick? Didn’t work too well. In fact, F thinks it MADE me sick. He now refuses to take it. We are leaving (suppose to be leaving, we’ll see how this round of sickness goes) for his parent’s after Christmas. I’m not going if I’m still sick. And if I come back sick? Things will not be pretty.

  • My work crush is leaving. He got another job in another state. He has known he is leaving for the last 2 months. I had to confront him after a few people said they heard rumors and people noticed things were missing from his office. He pretty much refused to tell me what the deal was. Kept changing the subject back to me. I was kinda ticked that he didn’t tell me from the beginning. He kept saying, “I told someone I knew would let it slip.” And he wouldn’t believe me when I told him I hadn’t heard it from whom ever it was. Which I hadn’t.
    That crush? Long since dead. In fact, I can’t say I’m sad to see him go. That friendship had become way too hard to maintain. After F and I got engaged, my crush wrote me off as unfriendable, which I totally don’t get. But whatever.

    So Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year!! Be safe! See you in 2008!

Monday, December 17, 2007

She Has Been Weighed.....

She has been measured.....

And she has been found.......... Not so lacking.

Which is so not cool.

I met the Assistant this weekend, at F's Company Christmas Party. Worse yet? I LIKE her. She reminds me of CBF. We could be friends. She's not super skinny, in fact, poor thing has really large calves, and not in the pretty "I'm a mountain climber" kind of way either. And she made the mistake of encasing them in black tights. Made me think of sausage. But she's not ugly. I could see there being an issue. I could see them being a might too friendly. She's single. She lives at home, for now.

F said to me, "When I first saw her, I thought she was cute." She is.

The only thing I could think to deflect him from her?
"Is she GAY????" I asked. He looked taken aback. F is old school on the homosexual issue, it's a NO-NO.

I felt better.

But not relieved.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trust Me

I trust F. I know he wouldn’t cheat on me. He’s not that kind of person. As I told my brother, whom I asked to be my eyes and ears and the judge of good taste at F’s bachelor party, (14 months in advance) it’s not F I don’t trust, it’s his friends I don’t trust.

So when F comes home last week and tells me he has an assistant, fresh out of college, and oh yeah, it’s a female, you’d think I’d be cool as a cucumber, right? Yeah, not so much. At first, I was fine. He couldn’t remember her name, how threatening could she be right? He’s since learned her name. “R graduated from University A.” “R worked at ABC before she came here.” “R asked a lot of questions. Not that I mind, it makes me think how to explain it to her. She asks a lot of questions.” “R is really smart. She’s picking things up quickly.”
But the one that bothers me the most? How impressed he is with her eating. F is a VERY fast eater. I’m always telling him to slow down. I’m still preparing my food and he’s wiping his plate clean. Twice now he’s made a point of telling me, “That R. She’s really different. She out ate me! I couldn’t believe it!” “We went to the taco place for lunch today. R? She out ate me! AGAIN!!! It’s the weirdest thing.” Said with a sense of wonder, and PRIDE.

She eats like a boy, is young and probably thin, and speaks his work language. I am none of these things. They spend all day together. She doesn’t tell him pick up his dirty clothes, she doesn’t sigh and roll her eyes because he left the bread open AGAIN, she doesn’t get upset when he uses her bath towel or doesn’t pick up the step-out towel. It puts me on edge a bit.

Bring on The Crazy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The last few days I've been listening to one of those "All Christmas, All the Time!!" music stations. They just played "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." And one line just happened to catch my ear:

There'll be parties for hosting

Marshmallows for toasting

And caroling out in the snow

There'll be scary ghost stories

And tales of the glories of

Christmases long, long ago

Ghost stories? Really? And Scary at that? During who's Christmas
does this happen? Cause, I'm thinkin, I don't want to meet these people. Are they referring to A Christmas Carol? Because it wasn't really scary. Although my favorite verison is the one with George C. Scott as Scrooge. And, who can forgot the Muppet's verison? I mean, really, it's not Christmas without Scrooge, but I wouldn't say it's a scary story we tell each other every year. I just find it to be a really weird reference. In a song about Christmas.

Figgie Pudding

I know the saying goes, “Make your our traditions when you get married.” However, I’m finding that hard to do when it appears F has no traditions from which to draw. They don’t appear to have any traditional food when it comes to the holidays. Most people know ham for Easter( I think I was served baked chicken), Turkey for Thanksgiving(which they do, but use some kind of pasta as stuffing instead of bread.) Ham or Turkey for Christmas (I think we had chicken and maybe some sort of beef.). When I ask him what they usually have I get an “I don’t know.” My family was very big on the food aspect of every holiday. Ham for Easter, Turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving, I think we had Turkey for Christmas as well or maybe even steak. The other night as I was finishing decorating the tree, F was downstairs doing laundry. Really? Laundry instead of Christmas music and colored lights? When I asked him what they did at Christmas time he said his mom did all the decorating and baking, that they really didn’t have any traditional things that they did. In my family? We did everything together for the holidays. Especially at Christmas. Dad would set up the tree, string the lights, very preciously, and then we would all put the ornaments on the tree. When it came time to bake, again, everyone was involved, except maybe dad. And there were certain cookies that got made every year. I love my family traditions. And I would love to add something to them for “our” family such as it is right now. If he has bad memories about the holidays, I wish he’d tell me so I’d stop asking or pushing for things to do. He always seems to back away when I ask about such things. From what he has told me, I don’t think his childhood was very childlike. At least not once they moved to the U.S.
How did/do you handle the combining of traditions with your squeeze?

So this weekend? I am forcing him to help me make Christmas cookies. Something I’ve never done by myself. And next weekend? He is helping make the traditional food item we usually only had at Easter, but now that we are all adults, we make for almost all holidays. A food item from my ethnic background, which I plan to introduce to HIS family.

Pray for me.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Tis the Season!
F and I got our first Christmas card. From my Aunt. Which included an invite to the family Christmas party. Addressed? To F. With me as a misspelled after thought. She's known me for 33 yrs, my name has NEVER changed, and yet, F, who has a decidedly non-Anglican name, she gets right. First and last. She can't get my first name right, and she didn't even bother to put my last name.
This has always been a sore subject for me. And because of it, I've always taken extra care to spell people's names correctly. I double check names on e-mails, letters, anything they may have put their name. Spelled the way THEY want it spelled, not the way other people think it should be spelled. And when we get married? I'm adding F's name to mine. I've been me forever, that's not gonna change.
I can only imagine how the tag on our wedding present will be addressed, probably just to F.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things I love........

About F......
  1. His willingness to pump my gas, in the rain, or in the winter wind even when he’s sick too.
  2. When he caresses my hair.
  3. When he smiles.
  4. When he peers at me from the other room and then comes and sits with me because I’m crying about something tragic that happened on Gray’s.
  5. When he makes dinner, even though he leaves the kitchen in a huge mess.
  6. When he does the laundry, even though his sorting process is kinda odd; and spreads itself out over the entire basement floor.
  7. The simple fact that 2 weeks before his company Christmas party he asked me what I was going to wear. And knew exactly what I was talking about when I said, “The Dress.”
  8. When I was sick and he and his puppy dog eyes said to me, “I just want to cuddle you because you are sick, but I can’t, because you are sick.”(I don't like to be touched when I'm sick. Just let me veg in front of the TV with a box of Kleenex.)
  9. That he'll back my car into the garage so I can just pull out in the morning.
  10. When it's cold, he offers to go out and warm up my car, even though it's been in the garage all night.
  11. After it snowed the other morning he came in and told me to take extra time to get to work, just like my mom does.
  12. When he calls me his wife, even though I’m not yet.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Yesterday the high winds knocked out our power at the office. Everyone was sent home early. Today, we have power, but nothing to power, for we have no internet! We can’t even connect to our local network, which means, I. have. absolutely. nothing. to. do. I’ve been here less than an hour and already have thought, Oh I can, Google, Yahoo, watch last night’s episode of Samantha Who? At least 20 times. And yet, I can do none of that. I’ve already cleaned out the office pile of news papers, from a week ago, so there is nothing to read. I am FREAKING OUT. Filing? I have none. Copies to be made? Nope. I have nothing to do to waste time. No surfing for bridesmaid’s dresses. No surfing for wedding dresses. No surfing for invitations. I can write in Word, mess around in Excel, put together a Power Point, but I have no need for any of these items, except Word, which I’m using to compose this Blog post. Which I can’t actually post until we have internet access. I can’t even call F and waste time chatting to him because he is out of the office on business! Maybe I’ll play the games that come with the computer. This is insane.

I just played a few hands of solitaire. I almost fell asleep. I wonder how long we have to wait before they decide to send us home.

We did not get to go home. We sat. And waited. And chatted. And played multiple hands of solitaire. And FINALLY 2 hrs before it was time to go home, we got our system back!

Yay internet!

Don’t ever leave me for that long again!