Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Know It's Suppose to be Funny

I'm trying to tie up all loose ends as the days count down. Making all the last minute appointments with all our vendors. I called our fabulous photographer and set up our "engagement" session as well as our photo check-list session, it's a all in one appointment. So I e-mailed F about it so he couldn't say I didn't tell him. What follows is our e-mail exchange:

Me: "We have our meeting with our photographer on Oct 4th. We’ll also be doing our engagement session that day so start picking out your outfit now!!!!!!!!!! "

F: "cowboy hat, pink converse all star, blue jeans with holes in the knees and a big bright yellow or green shirt... "

Me: "Um, NO. "

F:"unshaven face for 3 weeks, overalls, wife beater shirt, straw hat and muddy boots... "

Me: "Again, NO. "

F: "white shirt with under arm stains and a pink tie, gray pants that are so tight I think I was hip from the 70's and wing tip shoes "

Me: "Have your cube mate take you out back and shoot you for me please."

F: "she is off for a week... one more suggestion... it will include the best men... we all dress up like mo, larry and curly and chase you around... "

Me: "E will step up then, I’m sure. I’ll be Annie Oakley then, and shot you all in the ass."

F: "E is back from vacation and she is not in the mood to take me out and shoot me... therefore you must deal with me... I am lost for ideas then, I think I will go in my knickers" (as i was relaying this story to a co-worker she giggled and said "like he even OWNS a pair of knickers" i explained to her that knickers = underwear. "oh.")

Me: "You sayin she’s too happy? HA."

F: "something like that"

Me: "Whatever, have C do it then! "

F: "nope... so sad... too bad... I got a great idea... I dress like a shaq and you dress with a barqua (sp?)... it would be a great Halloween spook... " ( and give my entire family a heart attack, his too most likely.)

Me: "Please go out and play in traffic. "

F: "only if you come with me... "

Me: "That would defeat the purpose. "

And people wonder why I need to be medicated.

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