Friday, September 26, 2008

What I Got For My Bridal Shower......

Was a lovely matching trio of ZITS. Oh yes, the type of gift you can not return. The type of gift you NEVER ask for. The type of gift you can't fake smile that you were happy to get.
In a midnight trip to the bathroom I rubbed my nose and felt a bump. I immediately slammed on the light to better examine it. Oh yes, there it was in all it's glory. So I applied the appropriate medication and stumbled back into bed.
The next morning, THE morning of my Bridal Shower I received the other two gifts to match the first one. The first still glared at me from my nose. The second snicker down at me from next to my right eyebrow and the third laughed up at me from my chin. I exfoliated in the shower, applied several layers of different types of zit zapping medicine but they reminded! Shrinking, perhaps, but visible still! Make-up hide nothing! HORRORS of horrors I tell you! Is this a glimpse of the doom to come on Oct 24th?? Will they return and bring re-enforcements? Sweet goodness what can I do to prevent such another delivery?
Return to Sender I say, RETURN TO SENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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