Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today my digital friends, is our RSVP deadline. I mailed them out at the end of August. Everyone has had more than a month to find and secure babysitters and whatnot, if that is the case. Here is the math so far:

Invited = 190
RSVPed = 136 (Yes =83 No=53)
Not Responded = 54

That's almost 1/3 of our people who have not responded.

I just nailed a co-worker about not responding, "Oh, it's in my bag. My husband and I have to discuss about the babysitter."

Um, hi, you HELPED me pick out the BM dresses! You knew WAY in advance what time everything was going down and on the DAY of the deadline, you are just starting to discuss a BABYSITTER?!?!?!?
Seriously. People have no manners anymore!!! What is the deal? It was addressed for you! And Stamped! All you had to do was write your name and a little check mark!! A kindergartner could do it!
We're turning our moms loose on Sunday to start making calls.


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Molly said...

You know my thoughts on this completely.