Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No, Seriously.

My mom. My dear, loving, sweet 68 yr old mother. Has gotten her shoes for the wedding. She has very narrow feet, so finding narrow shoes has always been a challenge. So when she told me she found some, alas not narrow, I was still happy for her. Until I saw them.

Yes, that's right, a CLEAR HEEL with a CLEAR toe strap.

She's 68.

They're clear.

She told the woman at the store that I told her she couldn't have any "hoochy" shoes. The shoe lady thought it was funny that my 68 yr old mother knew what "hoochy" was. And yet, she let her walk out of there with these.

Granted, they could be worse. But why couldn't they be any of these that I found online, some of which are even NARROW? Because apparently, my mother, love her to death, doesn't want to PAY for a good pair of shoes. *sigh*

See? These are even similar to what she picked out! But NICER! NONE CLEAR! With a FAT Heel! Just like what she wanted! And they're the SAME brand!

I'm gonna have to sic my sister on her. I just, CLEAR, people, CLEAR HEELS AND TOE STRAP!

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