Friday, September 12, 2008


The woman who designed our "Signature item" and when she got our invite said it looked "good"? Yes her. Declined our invitation. I checked the work related vacation calendar, she is not off. So she's just not coming? I'm puzzled. I'm perplexed. Why? She is very religious from what I am told, but we are having a Church wedding, a full on Catholic MASS for crying out loud! She went to a wedding that was non-religious. Maybe she hates Catholics, I don't know.
I am mystified as to why she would decline. I just assumed she'd come, see her handy work in action, but no.
Can you ask? Can you ask someone why they aren't coming to your wedding?
She's not done with all our stuff yet, my fault mostly, but wouldn't asking her make things, well, weird after that?
Color me baffled.

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April said...

You are funny! Maybe she has a prior commitment? Maybe she's agoraphobic? Maybe weddings are too emotionally painful for her? Maybe she's a vampire and she can't come to the wedding because it's supposed to be sunny that day and she knows she will shock and terrify your guests when they see how she sparkles in the sunlight. Oh. My. God. I have to stop reading these stupid Twilight books.