Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm "Over reacting"

That's what Second Eldest said when I called her about the clear shoes. She told me I "can't control what everyone is wearing." That "No one will notice mom's feet." That I'm "being ridiculous" and that she "....Can't believe you would say some one's shoes are inappropriate for their age!" And "Mom was really excited about those shoes." (which of course made me feel like crap.)
Seriously, does she not know me at all? All my friends at work agreed with me, clear heels on a grandma, not cool. So SE is having mom bring her dress and said offending shoes when she goes to visit so SE can see for herself.

I know, they look ok in the picture:

They are even starting to grow on me.
But on? On a 68 yr old woman? Not so much.
Am I over reacting? Have I really turned the corner and become a Bridezilla? Am I really making too much out of clear heels?
Chris Rock says no.

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Anonymous said...

OMG.. I went thru the same thing with my mother! When she showed me her dress (which she purchased only 4 weeks before my May 2008 wedding) she told me 'the lady at the bridal store told me that clear shoes were the 'rage' and will go well with this dress'. I didn't freak out, but I did promptly tell her "umm...nope. silver shoes". That's the only sentense I said over and over until she gave up the argument. I concur.. no clear shoes (however, in hindsite...the focus of the day is on you and the hubby to be, and you'll never think about it on the big day)