Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Never Ending!

My friend in England finally got her dress. Here's what she just told me via chat:

A: my dress arrived today

Me: and??????

A: well I had to pay customs £56

why did you have to pay them?

A: because you insured it for $250. So they see it as me importing a dress from the USA that's worth a lot. So they charge import tax and VAT

Me: OMG, I had no idea, I insured everyone's dress

A: The good thing is that I called customs and explained what was happening and the very nice man on the other end of the phone said that I can call him back two weeks before we leave, and I can export the dress back to the states! They will refund my money at the airport before we take off. I just have to take all the stickers off the box and this form he will send, and I should be ok
You sent in on Sat. August 30 and it arrived on September 8. So not long to get here.

Me: it sat in customs for 3 days?

A: On the other side the dress is long enough, the bottom fits, but the bust is too small

Me: everyone is having issue with the boobs being smashed

A: it's ok. He was so nice and reassuring on the phone, it made it all better.
I can't even get it over my boobs

Me:OMG, that's not good

Is there enough room to let it out?

A: I'm gonna have B start picking it apart. Let's hope a crash diet works.

Me: You need to get a minimizer bra! No Vicki's push up for you!
Otherwise you'll have to go topless

A: HAHA! Topless sounds good

Me: F wouldn't mind at all! lol


So yeah, cost her a ton of money and her boobs are too big for the dress. Why is this so difficult? Why are these dresses such a thorn in my side?
Why didn't we go to Vegas?

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