Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm IT!!!!!!

I’ve been TAGGED!! WOO-WHO, I’m IT!!!
Thanks to April, I’m part of the Tagging In Crowd! I’m so happy I may have peed myself, just a tad though, no big deal……moving on…….

The ABC's of me:

A. Attached or Single?
Attached, not quite to the ball and chain state (see what I did there?) but most decidedly attached.

B. Best Friend? I have several, each from different stages of my life. You’ve heard about CBF and Sailor Mouth, but there are more. Like my mom, and my FiancĂ©’, he’s my best male friend. And there is a difference between male best friends and female best friends. F is my first male BEST friend. I’ve had tons of male friends, but NEVER, until now, a male BEST friend.

C. Cake or Pie? This is not easy. I like cake, as long as the frosting isn’t too sweet. And I like pie as long as the fruit isn’t of the canned variety and is thoroughly cooked. What can I say; my mom spoiled us by cooking from scratch. This one is on a case by case basis, I mean REALLY!

D. Day of choice? Friday night because most likely I get to sleep in on Saturday.

E. Essential item? Hmm, this may be TMI, but having my gall bladder removed has necessitated my essential item to be travel packed wet wipes. I’m not happy about it either, trust me. I would love to say something fun like Berry-watermelon Hubba Bubba, but I can not. I’m being honest.

F. Favorite color?
Hunter green, really anything that is a dark version of the color. Jewel tones. With Crayola going up past 64 how’s anyone suppose to choose?

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? I’m not really a decided fan of either, but they have their place. With the bears you can bite off various body parts, that makes it more fun, don’t you think?

H. Home town? This I can’t really answer since I’m suppose to be all cloak and dagger anonymous, let’s just say where I grew up was so small town Midwest America that everyone was related, literally.

I. Favorite indulgence? Wow. Staying in my pj’s all day to finish a book. Does that count? Or does spending money have to be involved?

J. January or July? July! Cause it’s your birthday baby and it’s my birthday too!!! Also, the 4th? We celebrate the 4th ALL month long in my house, reminds me to dig out my place mats and what-not, YIPPIE!

K. Kids? Not yet, but MIL sure was pushing the baby button the ENTIRE time she was visiting.

L. Life isn't complete without? Oh goodness, hmmm, Love, life isn’t complete without love. Be it family, or friends, or your significant other.

M. Marriage Date? Going to be 10/24/2008, YIKES!

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 3 : Eldest Sister, Second Eldest Sister and my Brother. I also count my in-laws sometimes, so multiply by 2.

O. Oranges or Apples? Both, but here’s the thing, the only time I eat an Orange is if F is eating one. Which means it comes to me peeled and in wedges. Love that F! And Apples, but I became allergic several years ago, so eating them raw isn’t really happening. Thank the Nectar Gods I discovered Cider soon there after!!

P. Phobia's? Dying. Dying alone.

Q. Quotes? “Sometimes being a bitch is all you’ve got.”

R. Reasons to smile? A good dream. Seeing my mom. Hugs from F. Seeing my nieces and nephews laugh. Being with my sibs.

S. Season of choice? Um, FALL.

T. Tag 5 people. This is hard, because I don’t know a lot of Blog folks and I don’t want to assume just because you drift on over every once in awhile that we are close enough for me to Tag you. People, Tag yourself and then link back to me and let me know. Is that too much to ask? Can it work that way?

U. Unknown fact about me? Does this mean if I revealed it above it no longer counts as an answer here? Hmmm, I broke my wrist when I was um 9?

V. Vegetable? What about vegetables? Are you asking if I like them? Or which one is my favorite? No and none. I eat them if they are served, and usually not by me.

W. Worst Habit? Oh gosh. Retail therapy, because seriously, I can’t afford it anymore.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Like which do I prefer? Seriously? How is this even a choice? I have no say in which I get. The X-ray involves a cold metal table and the ultrasound involves a cold gross jelly substance.

Y. Your favorite food? Only one? Are you for reals? Anything with sour cream. And cheese. And salt.

Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer. And yes, I totally am a Cancer. Look it up, that’s me.

This insight behind the cloak was brought to you today by the letter A, as in Aprils Reign.
Now go eat a cookie.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boys are Horny

F is a boy. A male. A man. JIC anyone was confused on that point. And I am a girl. A female. A woman.
And like most boys, F gets horny. And like most girls, I don't get as horny as he does. It just happens that way. I often wonder when I hear other females say how often they "want it" if I'm weird, but I hear the other side of not "wanting it"more, so I feel ok, most of the time. The thing about F that I just don't get is this, If other people are in the house, he WANTS IT, NOW! Conversations we've had:

While cleaning the house for an impending visit of my family:

"DH, come on, let's do it!"
"Damn it F, my family is going to be here in an hour and I still have to mop the floors, bake a cake and take a shower, so NO!"
"Come on DH! I'm HORNY!!!!!"
"NO! get off! Jesus! Go wipe down the bathroom again and leave me alone!"
"FINE. Meanie."

While staying with friends:

"DH I'm horny! Come on, let's do it!"
"Um, NO, we are guests in someone else's house, in their guest bed. No."
"They won't hear! Come on!"
"They are barely a wall away! NO!"
"Come ON! I want my woman!"
"NO! Gawd!"
"You're mean!"

While in our own home with MIL sleeping in the next room with just the closets separating us:

*kiss* *kiss*
"F, you're mother is in the next room!"
"I know." *kiss* *kiss*
"Then stop!"
"But I want you!"
"Too bad! She's RIGHT THERE!" (pointing into the closet.)
"*disappointed moan* But I want you!"
"You do this EVERY TIME we have people over. What is with you? Perv."
"I don't know. I just want to be with you."
" *eye roll* *loud sigh* Please stop. I'm not doing this."
"*defeated sigh* Fine. *parting squeeze of my boobs.*"

Boy needs to stop.
Time. Place. Everything.
Not. Now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where Was Her Bestfriend? Or Anyone, For That Matter?!

For those of you who read Miss Molly and saw these posts about bad wedding dresses, I think I can say I can top her, with this one picture. (not that i'm trying to compete with miss molly, because she is fabu.)
Need I say more?

No, but I will.
I think I can see nipple. And showing your nipple to God (assuming they are getting married in a church of some sort) is just wrong, even if He/She created them. There are better ways to give a shout-out to the man/woman upstairs than flashing him/her with the bits and pieces that were meant to be covered with a fig leaf. How is this even right? Where was the sane person in her entourage? A mother? An older aunt? Grandma??? Seamtress?? THE PASTOR???? ANYONE?!?!?!
And seriously, is it just me, or is her hair kinda crispy?
The Internet is out there people. Remember that with every outfit and hair style you assemble. You may end up on the web, and not in a good way.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What Was I Saying?

You know you are stressed out when you have ice cream for dinner and are sad about it.

Sailor Mouth lamented about this to me in an e-mail. Having ice cream for dinner, as though it was a bad thing.
I wish I could help her. But I think she is a lot like me and takes some things and makes them worse than they really are. Getting upset about things that really aren't worth getting upset about. I've tried to curb this, but it's hard when you don't even realize that you are doing it. The ways we behave without even realizing it, until someone points it out, can be very unsettling. Especially if you now view yourself as somewhat defective, where as before you thought you were normal. It's hard to change, since most of us don't even know where to start. Self help books? Therapy? A simple conscience effort? How do you go about changing something that's been apart of your makeup for years? Some of it may even be rooted in the way you were raised. Something else most of us don't even recognize about our behavior, even if we say, "That's how I was raised!"
I don't really know where I was going with this post, it was suppose to be about being so stressed out you are sad about having ice cream and it's turned into a study of Freud.
I think I'll stop now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What is this World Coming To?

This article is insane. Arresting people for cheering when someone graduates from high school? Removing them maybe, but arresting? That's insane. Keeping the peace I totally agree with, especially if it's become an issue. But really, is arresting well wishers really a good use of law enforcements' time? I think not.

As is this one about Bloggers getting arrested. We seriously do have a great amount of freedom here in the US where we can criticize our government without fear of suddenly becoming a missing person in the state run prison system.
God Bless America.

Seriously? Who are these girls? Getting pregnant so they can "raise" their babies together? Where are their parents? I never in all my 4 years of high school thought it was cool to be pregnant. I always felt bad for those girls, because I knew they would end up alone and most likely would spend their lives with many baby-daddies and never know a stable home. Those poor babies. You don't have a baby to make yourself feel better.
Thank You Mom for raising me with some self respect, common sense and morals.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cold as Ice

At work I am part of a volunteer group that is in charge of keeping up morale. We plan parties for babies and weddings and send flowers for deaths and Get Well Soon!!! We planned a huge event as our kick-off and that's when the bitching started. It's gone down hill since then. People will complain, no matter what you do for them it seems. They aren't honored enough, someone else got more than somebody else, people are excluded(they aren't), you're not doing ENOUGH, etc. Wthout us, there would be nothing. There are several things that would have been over looked if it weren't for us. We thought we were doing good. For everyone.
Currently we are in the process of planning one large event for multiple reasons for multiple people, and again, there is complaining. THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. The event that they've known about for 6 weeks. The entire Team is fed up with the constant complaining that comes in, and we are all stepping down. No one ever offers to help us, no one ever offer suggestions, even though there is a box specifically for suggestions. And the complaining is never done to us, it always comes in a roundabout way.
And more specifically, no one complains to me. My other team members believe that's because I'd tell them to take a flying leap off a short pier in the shallow end.
I might say it a bit nicer though.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Still in Limbo.....Updated 1:22pm

I told you about Sailor Mouth and her money issues concerning the dress. I e-mailed her back, and didn't hear from her. I started to panic. She hates me, she thinks I fired her as MOH, she's spitting on my grave, etc. I had filled my mom in when I had a mini-breakdown (not the same as a mini-break for my Bridget Jones pals) about the wedding while at her house the other day, and she passed my stress issues along to Second-Eldest who called me to put me at ease. She told me to call Sailor Mouth and talk to her to re-affirm that she wasn't fired as MOH. Which I did. It went straight to voicemail. F was at his wits end because I was at my wits end all weekend waiting to hear back from Sailor Mouth. I e-mailed her Saturday night, or was it Friday night? I can't remember. Anyway, I asked her to please not hate me and to please not ignore me and several other things. She FINALLY called me back Sunday, late in the afternoon. And she sounded completely defeated. She has a ton of things going on in her life right now, none of which are happy things, and she just sounded so tired and in need of a break. I felt terrible about nagging about the dress. She said she didn't hate me, and she wasn't ignoring me and then she went on to tell me what was going on and I seriously just wanted to give her a pass on the whole dress issue. The low down of it all is that her husband is going to have to take on more stuff at work, resulting in O.T., to pay for the dress and trip out here. (trust me, I'm stabbing myself in the eye, I feel like crap.) And she will let me know, hopefully by today, whether or not she'll be in the wedding. I told her I was going to tell the dress shop to place the order on Wednesday, so I would need to know by then. So while things still aren't completely settled, I do at least still have her as a friend. PHEW

A positive note, the evil family room is DONE! Yes!!! furniture is all moved back in and everything! And F and I HATE how much room the couches take up, so now we are looking into getting chairs. God give me patience (as my mother would always say before she whacked us.)

And as of this morning, I am marrying Sir Paul McCartney and we will travel about the world visiting pubs and playing Clue with the other patrons in group tournaments, who will call me Lady McCartney. (it was MY dream and I liked it! thankyouverymuch.)

**Composer's update: Sailor Mouth is still in as MOH!! I'm taking her measurements myself to be delivered to the dress shop. They may have to leave as soon as the reception is over, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Thank You babyjesus.****

Friday, June 13, 2008

Do I Bring Out The Crazy in Others?

Ok, so I told you about Sailor Mouth and her flipping out on the Dress Shop lady. I just got an e-mail from her; she wants to order her dress online from some random site in order to save money. I don't begrudge her wanting to save money. I so entirely know what it is to be broke right now. Like panic attack broke. I GET IT. I'm living it. So I told her that no, she could not order it online because the color might end up being different than everyone else's. I told her if it was too much money that I would understand if she wanted to bow out of the bridal party and come as a guest. She's the matron of honor. (CBF is the maid of honor.) I certainly do not want to drive any of my friends to financial ruin. (I couldn't afford to fly out and attend her bachelorette party and to this day I feel bad about it, but I just couldn't swing it and come out again for the wedding.) And I'm being completely sincere about not being upset if she can't afford the dress and decides she can't stand up in the wedding. She is my friend and I just want her there. I will not be angry, or hurt. And she apologized for being a pain about it in the original e-mail. So I'm not as hacked off as I was with CBF who just went bat shit crazy on me.
However, (did you see that coming?) what does grind me is the fact that she's constantly telling me how broke they are, but then is the same breath is telling me that with his or her bonus from work they are buying some new expensive toy, or how they are using their tax returns to go on some fabulous vacation. Then she tells me they went out and bought this HUGE camper, which they had to borrow money to get. Then, because the camper is so huge they had to buy a full sized truck to tow it. So my sympathy for your money troubles are just a tad bit less heart felt then they maybe could be. I was raised that you pay the bills first, THEN you get to go out and play if there is anything left. Sounds to me like she is doing this backwards.
I just don't know anymore. Why are these dresses becoming such an issue? I mean seriously! I did the best I could.
I really did.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Play Well Together, PLEASE!

There have been some issues and miscommunication about the BM dresses getting ordered. I understood that my girls could just call in and be all set. Then I started hearing back, "They took my credit card over the phone, but told me I had to e-mail my measurements in." I chalked it up to the person answering the phone. But then I heard it again, and again, and all 3 times they were none too pleased about having to go this route. They questioned, as did I, why the credit card could be taken over the phone but the measurements could not? "It's policy, we have to have the measurements in writing." Really? Because you didn't tell me that policy when I was standing there, in front of you, asking you if it would be ok for my girls to just all call in. "Yes yes, sure, no problem." is what you told me. Now there is a Policy? I'm a tad put off by this. However, since everyone seemed to be dealing with it, I was ok to let it pass.
Then Sailor Mouth called. You've never heard about Sailor Mouth. She is a friend who throughout the majority of our friendship has been a long distance friend. She moved into our middle school one year, and moved out the next. Came back a year later, and then left again. It was very upsetting, but we wrote each other week long letters filled with gossip and crushes and latest bitches, as teenage girls do. (well at least back before texting and IMing and what-not.) As adults I went onto college and she went to work trying to squeeze in classes here and there. I finally talked her out of a bad relationship and into a good one (or so it seemed at the time, but that's another blog page) and finally met her husband 2 nights before their wedding as we sat on the floor in their tiny apartment drinking adult beverages and tying together her favors. Anyway, Sailor Mouth is just that, she has the mouth of a sailor. She swears, the F bomb is like air to her. And she cracks me the hell up with her stories about telling people off, even if they are her customers. That was until the person she told off? The BM Dress Shop lady. Oh sweet heavens above, she went off on Dress Shop lady,threatened to cancel her dress because she was tired of dealing with this "Bullshit." The bullshit? She was hacked off that she had to e-mail her measurements in(she had to PAY someone to take her measurements because she wasn't ordering her dress through them, nice people), that the Dress Shop lady didn't tell her how much was being charged on her credit card AND when she attempted to e-mail in her stuff, it bounced back as undeliverable. All of which the Dress Shop lady denied, which sent Sailor Mouth over the edge, and threatened to cancel her dress and "Let you people deal with the pissed off Bride!" (the bride is not pissed off, just annoyed that everyone is making this into such an ordeal and heightening her need for meds.) Sailor Mouth calls me at work to relay the above incident which isn't even close to everything she said. At the same time my second work line rings, its Dress Shop lady, she left a message to call her, which I did once I attempted to calm down Sailor Mouth. Dress Shop lady? "Your friend, Sailor Mouth, I don't think she wants to be in the wedding, she said she would cancel her dress! I really think she doesn't want to walk for you!" Dress Shop lady is European, and English isn't her first language, so she says things a little differently, which I'm used to, because F is the same way. Anyway, I decided I would tell her my concerns about not being told about the e-mailing, she didn't want to hear it. She kept agreeing with me, but she really wasn't getting what I was saying. I finally got her off of Sailor Mouth dropping out of the wedding and onto CBF, to check and see if she did in fact e-mail in her measurements. She didn't know.
What R? Did you get R's? I'm not sure.
And the wraps? I suppose I could call the company. I'll have to call you later and let you know, I'll leave you a message if you aren't there.
That was 2.5 hrs ago. No call. No message.
There just might be a pissed off Bride after all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Have A Winner!

The Great Shoe Saga Has ENDED!!!!

YES! I have a pair of shoes for my wedding! Praise the shoe gods for finally shining down upon me!

I ordered these:

In a last ditch effort to wear open toed shoes at my wedding to cut down on the heat factor. They are simple and nice looking. I ordered them in 9.5 and 10 to kill the wait time in case the 9.5 didn't work. The 9.5 size fit ok, but the 10 gave me a little more toe room. I walked around the living room and my ankle started to twinge. I moved on into the kitchen and I started to wobble on the non-carpeted surface. Both sizes had the same effect, wobble and twinge. Within 15mins I had canceled out Sophia from Coloriffics. I guess I was reaching too far to think I could handle 3.5 inch heel. Every step I took I had to think, STEP, STEP, STEP and that is just not something I'm going to have time to think about while trying to make it down the stairs in front of everyone on my wedding day. Yes, I have to walk down stairs in front of EVERYONE at the church. There may be practice runs in the near future, I'm just sayin.

So which shoes you ask made the cut? The ones I kept going back to, EVERY SINGLE TIME, based on look alone? That would be these:

Donna by Coloriffics. Donna and I became fast friends when I ordered Donna in a size 10. Donna makes me sigh and smile every time I see her. Donna is very supportive and I know I can count on her on my BIG DAY. She'll be there, making me look and feel good. Donna will be coming to work with me so we can get better acquainted in the coming months. Donna may need some adjustments, but all great friends are up to that task, right? I don't think Donna will make me too hot, as my neighbor said when she saw Donna, "Just powder your feet that day, no worries. Donna is very nice looking, I'm sure she'll make you happy." I can't wait to see how Donna and My Dress get along. This could be a tense moment for all of us. But Donna seems to have enough class to be kind to My Dress even though it's not designer. After all, it IS custom made.

So everyone, please welcome my new friend Donna to our happy little circle, she's a fabulous gal!

*Composer's note: In case you any of you got lost in the post somewhere, Donna is a pair of shoes, not my new lover. Because that would just be awkward.

Shouting Again!

I felt like I was leaving people out in my Shout Outs. Those of you who have linked to me in the past and never got recognized. So here's to Molly and Each! You gals rule!!
And if I missed someone, it's most likely because, well, I don't know that there is a Internet bond floating out there in space between us. So beam me up if you want a shout out!

Yes, I watched all the Star Trek shows. No, I do not own Spock ears. And No, I don't attend any of the conventions.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blessings On You

I was at the post office and had 2 boxes weighing me down. A Male Stranger saw me coming in as he was coming out. He turned around and went back inside and held open the door for me, both doors actually and offered to get the third. So blessings on you Male Stranger, blessings on you.
You are so much nicer then the cranky Pack-n-Post Guy who tossed my package on the ground and told me that my other package label was NOT A UPS label.
Also nicer than the place that is charging me return shipping when I could've sworn it said it was free!

And I am not post happy today, I just wanted Male Stranger to get a little extra attention while he was still on my mind. So who ever you are Male Stranger, I will do my best to Pay It Forward.

Another Shout Out!

This one is to Mom2Lo over at Just Another Day, who also linked to me!
All this attention is making me misty!!! *sniff*


I was looking for some pants online and when I enlarged the picture to get a better look, I noticed that the model had on dark colored underpants under a pair of light colored Capri pants. Um, fashion faux pas anyone?
When I zoomed in on another one to see the details along the sides, I saw the shave bumps? Or spots? You know what happens to your leg when you’ve just shaved but don’t need to shave quite again? Those dark spots that are the start of new hair growth? Yeah, that’s what I saw instead.
Air brushing? Maybe? Just a suggestion.

And what is with the maternity but not really tops? Baby doll tops, isn’t that what they are called? Those of us who are of the curvier persuasion certainly don’t need people thinking, Is she fat? Or is she pregnant? And even though I’ve seen several that I wouldn’t mind wearing, I can’t get past the fact that I could keep it and wear it once I finally get pregnant. Plus I think they would not fit my chest area properly.

Did you know that there are 3 different lengths of “crop” pants? Yes, there is, and they all have different names but are essentially the same thing.
Crop pants are 25” long.
Carpi (*otherwise known as CAPRI)pants are 21” long.
Pedal pants are 17” long.
I did not know this until last summer when I was attempting to find something cute to wear in the summer heat that wasn’t the over exposing shorts.(my thighs have turned on me, bitches.)
Those few inches in difference? Make a huge difference, let me tell ya. Too long and you look like you are all ankle. Or they cut you funny and make you look stubby. I tried on all 3 lengths and twirled in the mirror. Yep, I’m definitely a Pedal length gal.
Too bad this year all the Pedal length ones are cheesy bright pastels which go with NOTHING I already own. I might get one pair, if I’m lucky.

Being a girl is so not easy.

*Composer's note: I suck at spelling, damn spell check! Thanks Mom2Lo for correcting me in a nice way.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Shout Out!

I'd like to Thank April's Reign for one, linking to me, (I need all the warm fuzzy feelings I can get these days!) And for two, inspiring me to get the map of where everyone (i think there are what, 4 of you now?) who reads (reads? read? neither of them sounds right.) me are located.
Unlike the pop-up zit ads, I wanna see MANY RED DOTS!!!

Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!!!

Now if I can only find someone who can teach me how to highlight and copy out of Blogger so I can do the whole spell/grammar check thing in Word, that'd be wondrous.

*OMG I figured it out myself! Totally have to use the ole fashioned KEY STROKES! I am a product of the Mouse generation, I swear it to be true!

One Year

Yesterday was the mark of being engaged for a whole year! I can't believe how fast it's gone by. So I decided in order to celebrate that day a whole year ago, I would share with you how F went about asking me to be his wife. Please forgive me the tear stains on this Blog entry, I cry every time I think about it.

A week or so before he proposed F had the opportunity to go Back East with a friend for the weekend. I hugged him and sent him on his way, happy to sit on my deck and read a book for a few days.

He came back happy to have visited friends and family and I thought nothing of it. (He had spent his time picking out my ring with FIL and MIL's help). Several days later he received a call while we were having dinner at my house. He spoke in his native tongue which I'd become accustom to, but something about his tone made me pause for moment, but I dismissed it.(he was talking to the jeweler about shipping my ring here from Back East). He called me on Friday and said we needed to go to dinner to the place where we had our first date, a lovely steak place. Again, I thought nothing of it, we'd gone there several times in the past. When he didn't propose on our vacation the month before, I figured I had at least until November when we started dating. A whole six months away. Plus, we never really TALKED about being married. It was more along the lines of, "When we have kids..." OR "When we get married...." OR "I'm not moving anywhere unless I have the BLING...." those kinds of things. I was beyond clueless that within the next 5hrs that day, I'd be engaged.

I met him at the restaurant. He was quiet while we waited to be seated, but I figured that was just because the restaurant was noisy and it was hard to hear. We were seated side by side on a couch while we waited and I swore I felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. So I patted his pocket and said, "Is your cell in there? I swear I just felt it go off." His eyes widened as he informed me that his cell was in his other pocket. "Oh." (THE BOX was in the pocket I was just patting, he thought I knew what was going on, I didn't.) We ate dinner joking about our past visits there, how things had progressed since our first date and how it was about time we each found someone new. I even told him, "I guess it's time for me to break up with you. I'll wait til after you pay the check though." (if I have to explain that i was kidding here, i mean really people.) He suggested that we go for a walk around the nearby quaint town to work off some of the heavenly steak we just ate. I agreed. We walked all through the town until we ended up at the park, which had a river and a little historic village. In the center of the village was a gazebo over looking the river. As we approached the gazebo in my head I thought, "Hmm that would be a great little place to get married." We stood in the gazebo chatting for a few minutes and then F told me to check out the tree across the river and how the water had left it's mark on it. (this was his diversionary tacit) I looked but didn't really see which tree he was referring to, so I pretended I did. My back was completely turned to him. I was chatting away about the tree when I heard from behind me, "DH."

"Hmm?" I mumbled as I turned towards his voice.

And there he was, on one knee, with a black box in his hand.

Do you want to know what I thought when I saw that box and the shiny ring in it? "Why is he showing me a ring he bought for his mother??" It did not in anyway register that he was DOWN ON ONE KNEE. My mind was swimming.

I stared at him, dumbfounded.

"DH, will you be my wife?"

My hands went to my face. I started to cry. "Are you sure?" I half whispered.

"Yes, I'm sure." he chuckled.

"YES!! YES!! OH F, YES!!!!"

Requisite hugging and kissing followed.

"Your mom has known for a few days." He confessed.


He'd gone and ask her permission for my hand in marriage. (and she'd kept quiet for DAYS, it was killing her, she told me so.)

And the ring fit! He'd secretly tried on my class ring, which I wear on my right hand, to get the proper size for my engagement ring.

How could I not love him?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Lucky Number 13

I’ve ordered so many shoes, and looked at so many websites that I forget what I’ve already looked at/ordered. I decided that one pair was THE PAIR and that maybe if I just order it another half size larger, shooting me up to a 10 instead of 9.5(which is too big too, I’m a 9) that I might get lucky. So I asked to please send me said shoes and they promised me next day delivery. When I got home I scanned the rooms, no box.
Didn’t I get a box?” I sheepishly asked F.
“HUH?” he grunted from the evil family room that refuses to be finished being remodeled.
“A box, I was expecting a box. Didn’t it come?” I asked hopefully.
“Nothing came.”
“Oh.” I mumbled dejected.
I went about puttering around the kitchen feeling sad that the cardboard container had not appeared on my step as promised.
Then I heard the rumble.
I looked up as the breaks screeched to a stop in front of our house.
Out the door window I could see the big brown panel trucked idling in front of the house.
UPS! Only glory be!
I started pacing back and forth in the kitchen, not wanting to seem too eager when the Man in Brown arrived at my door.
I was so excited I barely heard the door bell ring!
I raced to the door and threw it open, “Hello there!” The Man in Brown smiled at me, “This is for you.”
“OH! THANK YOU!” I exclaimed as I cradle the cardboard container to my chest. My eye caught sight of the other package tucked under his arm, AMAZON.COM winked at me.
Could it be? Was I getting 2 packages all at once? I’d ordered the workout suggested by Molly for brides to be from AMAZON.COM just a day or two before.
The Man in Brown glanced at the AMAZON.COM package, back at me, smiled and said, “Have a goodnight!”
“You too!” I said a bit sad that I was only getting one package instead of two.
I dug the scissors out of the junk draw and settled myself in amongst the other 4 cardboard containers that sat lined against the wall, waiting to be sent back to whence they came. Once again I set to removing all the ridiculous amounts of packaging from the shoes. I sighed as they emerged. Yes, these are THE ONES, I smiled to myself. I slipped them on and knew that with just a few break-in wearings we’d be in business.
“DH! I need your help.” came the call from the evil family room.
I clicked into the room and F turned to look. He raised an eyebrow ( I failed to mention that I’d changed into shorts and a sleeveless shirt in order to do work).
“They CAME!” I grinned as I pointed my foot out to show him.
“I see.” He grinned back at me.

There is one more pair that is still set to arrive, so I’ll wait to post which shoes I went with until after they’ve had their turn on the carpet runway in the living room.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I just want to give a heads up to all the advertisers out there. Your marketing for acne medicine? REVOLTING. The last thing I need to see first thing in the morning while reading my non-work related e-mail is some nasty pimply face that continually goes from a massive breakout to clear smooth skin. These pop-ups are a horrible way to advertise. It disgusts me that I have to avert my eyes just so I can read an e-mail about puppies and kittens and angel kisses. Do you really think these things work? And Yahoo!? Couldn't you find some other people to sell advertising space to? Like save the trees or something? I'm so sick of them, they are so gross. Please remove them from your website.

Thank You,
The World at Large.

Monday, June 02, 2008


I Realized This Weekend.....
  1. My legs are horrifyingly white. Frosty ain't got nothin on me.
  2. I love power tools. I am the female version of Tim the Tool Man Taylor. I may not know how to use them, but I want them, all of them, and a reason to use them.
  3. Even though I am #2, I still kinda hate home improvement projects. But I think that's because I don't get to use the power tools as much as I'd like to. And this current project is taking WAAAAAAAAY to long to complete.
  4. F has NO CLUE what it takes to prepare a home for a visit from the in-laws. He tried to tell me what needs to be done for MIL's arrival, and I told him I was way ahead of him, and that what needed to be done could not be completed in a weekend. A few of the items on the list? Clean cold air returns, steam clean carpets, remove cobwebs, wash curtains, clean and organize basement, etc. Basically, a heavy duty spring cleaning type of thing. I should add cleaning out the fridge to the list. Because we all know that MILs? They inspect the housekeeping handy work of their daughter-in-laws. All the while with the question of "Is she really able to care for MY BOY?" floating in her head. (correct me if I'm wrong.)
  5. I miss sleeping all snuggled in my bed. F and I sleep completely different, and we have both had to adapt to each other. I like to fling the windows open letting the chilly night air wash over me while I cozy down in my warm blankets. He likes to close all the windows and alternates between being cold and hot and flinging covers off and back on again. Or laying in the bed shivering because he is too lazy to lean over the side of the bed and grab the blanket he threw off a few hours before. (i am not exaggerating about that last part, he's said it to me himself.)
  6. I need longer weekends.