Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take A Gander

Per a request from Mo2Lo, here are said invites! Ok, so you know these aren't my ACTUAL invites, but this is what they look like:

Very simple. But I think elegant. When I started looking at invites, I thought I'd be going more contemporary. But once I saw the invite in person, I decided that I'm really more traditional. Go figure. So Deckled Edge it is!! I just love the ripped edge look, I don't know why. Once the "Theme" item is incorporated it'll be very unique and very "us". And it was ordered online! Yep! A very cool site. And very reasonable, until you look at the price for programs!!!! holy goodness. So there you go. Our invites in all their pearl lined envelope glory. (for an extra $25 bucks!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it's so pretty! I love the pearl part.