Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, so the invites are out and I'm hearing back from people that they have gotten theirs. The lady who designed our "signature item" just e-mailed me: "Got our invite! They look good :) "
Good? GOOD? GOOD!!!!!!! Wait, GOOD? Not fabulous? Not amazing? Not awe inspiring? You picked the invite! You designed the item! The map! Shouldn't you be telling me it looks awesome?? Now I'm all concerned. Did mom and F do a poor job? I was busy printing and didn't have the time to watch over them. Dang it. Good. JUST Good. I can't take it! I have to stop second guessing, but GOOD?

Oh, and FIL. Ah, FIL. FIL wanted F to send them a few extra invites so they could invite more people.
To our damn wedding.
To our damn wedding that no one would want to go to anyway.
F told him no. YAY F!!!!
I'm still considering bring the extras to work so none "go missing". J.I.C.
MIL can be persuasive.

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