Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daa Boys

F’s Boys were in town over the weekend and I, as the only female in the house, felt decidedly at a loss. Now mind you, I have a brother. A brother I grew up with and lived with. And my brother is way cool. And is WAY better at being properly behaved in the presence of others then Daa Boys are.

Excessive Horrifyingly smelly Farting? Check. (specific beer was bought to cause this effect)
Excessive sexually charged comments? Check. (about everything and everyone, including the 16yr old American gymnasts)
Excessive “WE MEN, YOU WOMAN!” comments? Check.(telling me I’m only allowed in the basement to do laundry)

F wasn’t really pulled into it, at least when I was around. And the one friend L, didn’t really participate either. He actually sat down and had a conversation with me on several occasions.
The evil doer was M(previously known as Best Friend. M, the guy whose wife cheated on him 12 days into their marriage? Yeah, that guy. He does and says things purposely to get a reaction out of people. Like telling me that in his best man’s speech he’s going to say that he hopes our marriage lasts at least 13 days as opposed to his 12. He acts like he is 15 when in fact he is almost 40. It caused me to be tense the entire time because I felt like I had to be ready at a moment’s notice with some snappy comment or put down in order to defend myself. I told F how I felt and poor F hit the roof when the sexual comments were made about the gymnasts. I’m very glad he demanded them to show some respect, but that wasn’t quite the manner in which I anticipated it happening. I certainly thought I wouldn’t be present and I assumed it would be delivered in a calmer state. Our guests were decidedly taken aback by it all. However, it did have the desired affect, which was nice. Even if the rest of the evening was a tad tense.
I can tell F feels pulled between M and I, and I really don’t care for that in the least. No one should have to chose between their best friend and their soon to be spouse.
M just needs to grow the hell up and start acting an adult. I’m all for having fun, but this behavior was just beyond that. It was done with malice. And malice is not fun.
At least not for those it’s directed at.

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That Girl said...

Boys are harsh. I have 4 of them between the ages of 17 and 27 and they're getting worse with age. I distinctly remember a Thanksgiving 2 years ago when I sat at the boy table and the conversation revolved around ways to get girls into bed. Ugh.