Friday, August 15, 2008

3 Forms of ID Needed

Remember when I had to call New Priest to set up an appointment? Well I made that call and dealt with the Secretary. I can kind of see why One Couple was so upset. The Secretary? Kind of a Nazi.
Nazi Secretary: "St So and So Church, how can I help you?"
ME: "Hi, can I please be connected to New Priest's voice mail please?"
Nazi Secretary: *PAUSE* "Are you a parishioner?"
ME: "Um, yes." (i'm sorry, but he's a priest, the serious kind of public servant, are you really inferring that if i wasn't a parishioner you wouldn't connect me?)
Nazi Secretary: "I see. And what is this concerning?"
ME: "Uh, my pre-marriage counseling."
Nazi Sectary: " Ok. And what do you need?"
ME: "We need to meet with him about the final details."
Nazi Secretary: "One moment please."
That whole exchange may seem rather normal, but what I can't convey is her tone of voice. Snippy. Rude. Aggressive.

New Priest called me back and got my voice mail, so I called him again. And got the Nazi Secretary again. Just as rude, just as hostile.
This time I took a different tacit.
Nazi Secretary:"St So and So Church, how can I help you?"
ME: " Hi, can I speak to New Priest?"
Nazi Secretary: New PRIEST (she corrected my use of the shortened version of his name) isn't available, is there something I can help you with?"
ME: "Well, I need to set up an appointment to finalize our stuff for our wedding in October."
Nazi Secretary: "I see." (she really sounded peeved that she couldn't help me.)
ME: "Can I be connected to his voice mail?"
Nazi Secretary: "WHAT is your last NAME???"
Me: "Heaven." (as in Devil's Heaven, you all know Heaven isn't my real last name, right?)
Nazi Secretary: "One moment."

I seriously felt that I really had to prove that I deserved to talk to New Priest. That I was worthy enough(which i'm probably not, but whatever). I also feel that Nazi Secretary may have gotten in trouble about phone stuff, especially after One Couple had their little line jumping conversation with New Priest. I think she may fear for her job since everyone just wants to talk to his Voice Mail, and not just give her a message.
But still, no need to take it out on me, I'm just doing what New PRIEST told me to!

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mom2lo said...

I'm telling you, it's just getting worse and worse! People these days just don't seem to enjoy their jobs--especially in customer service--and it's quite obvious in the way they treat people. I just hate it!

So sorry you had to deal with that. Ugh!