Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On The Hunt

I went hunting this weekend. But I killed nothing. Except maybe my friend's and families wallets.
Mom and I spent about 5 hrs on Saturday registering for gifts. OMG. Before we left the house, F directs my mom: "Mrs. DH, don't let her go over board. I don't want to end up with 5 different vases." (F and I had a discussion about how much I should actually register for. He feels if there's not much on the registry people will give us money. Silly F. And I told him I wanted a nice crystal vase damn it!) As things played out, I ended up reining in mom! While at Bed Bath and Beyond, she insisted I register for all the silicon cookware, since she'd never seen it before and thought it was AMAZING. I have all kinds of "normal" cookware, much of which has never seen the light of day. Here is a sample of our conversations:

"What do you think of this mom?........ Mom?.....Mom!"
"Oh sorry DH! Did you see XYZ??? I think I need one of those!"

"DH, you need at least 2 of those!"
"I don't think so mom, I don't see me using that. Ever."
"You'll see! You'll wish you listened to me!!"

"DH! You NEED THAT! Go on, SCAN IT!"
"Mom, what do I need that for?"
"DH, it's an electric meat thermometer! For the GRILL!!"
"But, I already have a regular meat thermometer."
"But this one is for GRILLING!"
"MOM! you're suppose to be keeping me in line! Not the other way around!"
"I'm telling you DH, SCAN IT!!! SCAN IT!!!! You'll regret it if you don't!!!"
"Oh brother. I'm not scanning it!"
"You're going to REGRET IT!!!"
"Move along mother!"

All in all though, we had a great time, and I'm sure of the 254 items at BB&B ALONE, we'll get like, 5. Yeah, 254. The Gift Registry guy insisted that I had to have 200 items on my list. Mom and I pooped out at 107. The other 147 came from the like 30 bath towels in 3 different colors, the 20 placements, 40 matching napkins, napkin rings and table clothes, and various other things. The Guy said we had to have 2 sets of each towel color for each person. I'm still trying to figure out that math, but I'm telling you if we get very single towel on the list, we'll have like 50.

Here's our China:

Here's the Crystal, but only the fat one, techinquely known as a Water Goblet:

And here is our silver or Flatware:

And my crystal vase, damn it

That's the important stuff. That and the in shower radio I've been DYING to have FOREVER!

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