Friday, August 08, 2008

How Do I Handle This?

Remember how I told you my mom offered to hand address all our invites? Well I went over there the other night to drop off my gift registry cards for the the shower invites and saw how she'd been addressing those. And my digital friends? I feel mean saying, THEY SUCKED. Her 12 yrs of Catholic School handwriting has gone seriously downhill. I made a comment about it, and then felt like complete shit(rightly) as soon as the words were out. I don't know what to do. I'd like my invites hand addressed, but that writing just isn't up to par. I'm counting on the fact that she was sitting in a rocker chair addressing them on the gliding foot stool as the cause for the poor handwriting. But what if it isn't? What if her age is just showing?
I know, use a printer. And I'd be happy to, except for the fact the envelopes are deckled edge, "riped", so I'm not to sure how they'd do going through a printer.
I don't know what to do.
Any suggestions?

***Composer's Note**** I feel the need to clarify that my mom's hand writing, due to her 12 yrs of Catholic school teaching and strictness was always impeccable. She's sent me things while she was Down South and that handwriting was always very nice. And I've thought of the clear labels, but my experience with them has not been fabulous because the ink tends to rub off with handling and since quite a few invites will be going overseas, there will be considerable handling.


mom2lo said...

OMG. I wish I had a pearl of wisdom for you, but all I can think of to say is that you should be honest with her and tell her it's not really what you had in mind. If your mom's like my mom (which I think she kinda is), she'll understand. I'm curious why you didn't have her do a "sample" envelope for you so you could see what she was going to do before she started working on all of them? Just to make sure it would be what you wanted? I dunno. I just think honesty is the best policy--especially when it comes to our mamas!

Good luck!

That Girl said...

Wow, tough situation! My mom has some kind of crazy handwriting from Catholic School too! It's like there's no method to the madness, upper and lower case everywhere. Things like FLoRIdA. Maybe the handwriting will add a charming touch?

Megan said...

if you want to use printed labels, but don't know about the envelopes, we printed out clear labels. which i think my husband just got at work, so i'm sure they sell them at any office supplies store. that way the whole envelope doesn't have to go through, and since the label is clear, it's not too noticeable. our envelopes weren't white (or off-white) so it didn't really show up at all.