Monday, August 04, 2008

Is It Bad?

Is it as bad as I think it is that at 34 I'm kind of addicted to Tori & Dean on Oxygen??? I thought Tori would be more annoying than she actually is. And I kinda feel for the girl, with all her mommy & me issues. And damned me if Liam isn't as cute as all get out!!! And I love that they call him Monkey. And Dean, depending on his hair style, is easy on the eyes. And seems like a pretty good guy and husband.
I'm dying to know if Tori and her mom will start communicating after the baby is born.
I'm dying to know how the move to the new house goes.
I always feel guilty watching it.
But it's sooooo goood!!!!!

And is it just me? Or does it seem kinda odd that on the new 90210 that after all the airs and what-not put on, that Kelly and Donna and Brenda are all Teachers back at West Beverly?? Not high powered CEO and business owners???? Models even??

Um, not that there's anything wrong with being a teacher.
I'm just sayin. We were all lead to believe that they would be something High Powered and rich.
And we all KNOW teachers do not get paid what they should.
Just sayin.

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April said...

I can't watch Tori and Dean because as soon as I do I will be hooked. And I watch and embarrassing amount of TV already. Embarrassing Amount!! But I am 36 (a sneeze away from 37) and I can't wait for the new 90210. Oh my God I am such a complete dork. Do people even say dork anymore?? That's how dorky I am.