Monday, August 27, 2007


In my family there is a monthly "Family Obligation" that we take turns doing. In the spirit of saving money for The Wedding, one of my siblings suggested that F and I bow out and save the money that would have been spent on the "Family Obligation" over the next year. My other siblings are not at all keen on this idea. The Eldest feels that, "It doesn't cost THAT much." Um, maybe not for You who doesn't present it with the same amount of care, yes. But for those of us who want everyone to feel as though there's plenty to go around, it does. The Second Oldest believes that if they have to do it, so does everyone else. The thing that hacks me off the most is that The Eldest makes well over 6 figures. The Second Oldest probably comes in a close second, with a high 5 figures. Both have been in tight financial situations were money had to be borrowed. And yet, here they are, devoid of all feelings when trying to help a sister(literally) out. F has little to say on the topic but is glad that I, as the Little Sister, has finally gotten the "balls" to stand up to the others. I haven't gotten enough though to completely flipped them off and tell them to take a flying leap with their forgotten shared money sorrows. I'm just pissed off enough though to tell them not to let the door hit them where the good lord split them if either of them complains about what is being put out at our go-around of the Family Obligation.

To top things off, F, after having met one of the sibling's friends who'd made a very expensive purchase on the way to a party, is now bemoaning where we are financially. He feels we should be able to travel and buy toys at whim as do "so many others". I fear, and rightly so, that F will insist on moving back East so that his Best Friend can show him the ins and outs of being a slum lord. Best Friend is a nice enough fellow, although he has tendency towards assiness. It is this assiness that I fear F may find to once again be a wondrous way of life thus letting Best Friend influence him in ways, I feel, have long ago been out grown. Best Friend has a great deal of influence on F as it is, from thousands of miles away. (Side note here, Best Friend is the one who had the amazing wedding back East only to have said marriage fall apart before he left to serve his country overseas.) (Extra side note: I am deathly afraid that Best Friend will bring one of his skanky new My Space loves to our wedding and recreate some of the seedy scenes from his wedding.) I know money is tight, and yes, I wish we could come and go as we please, but I'm not about to sit around and be depressed about it. Which is where I think F is headed. That, and back East, which is closer to the Family and THAT is so not where I want to be. Best Friend told F he wants him back East "At any cost." Me included apparently. Ok, maybe Best Friend isn't such a nice fellow.
Tell me people, how do you curb the influence someone has over someone else?

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