Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dinner Bell

F made dinner.
F made dinner ALL BY HIMSELF.
F made dinner without consulting me in the least. (well except to ask me if we had gralic powder which i thought was a weird thing to call and ask me. now i know why.)
Now usually when F “makes” dinner he has to ask me what to make. How to make it and how long it should cook.
Usually when F “makes” dinner, I end up finishing it. Watching it, turning it, etc. And then I clean up the mess he made “making” dinner.
Also, when F “makes” dinner, there is a lot of swearing involved and when I ask from the other room what’s wrong I get a teeth gritted “Nothing.”
So imagine my immense surprise when I walked in the door after work and the house smelled really good. Instead of smelly boy farts and stinky shoes. I was amazed.
And it was good. It tasted really yummy.
He’s been holding out on me.

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