Friday, August 29, 2008

Meanie Weanie

Second Eldest Sister is a trip. She likes to stir the pot and exaggerates to the extreme. She likes to mess with your head. But she also understands the culture with which I'm dealing when it comes to F's family because her ex is from that region of the world. She's very much a comfort to me concerning this. Plus she just cracks me the hell up.

What follows is an e-mail exchange between the two of us:

ME: "Maids, My mom and I are going to go pick up the dresses tomorrow night and I hope to have them in the mail to everyone on Saturday(sisters I'll bring them to the family obligation). I will charge everyone's last payment, and let you know how much it was and you can just send/bring me a check. Keep your fingers crossed!!!"

SES:"You know - family obligation isn't until next week. We got our invitation yesterday. "

ME: "I know it's next week. Sounds like most everyone got it yesterday!!! How exciting!"

SES: "do I have to send our regrets or can I just let you know now?"

ME: "The only way you can send a regret if it's your head, on a platter."


ME: "Emhm.. Don't mess with the bride. At least I said on a platter and not a stick. A platter is so much more civilized, ya know?
F's dad asked for extra invites to send to more people, after we'd already mailed them out.
I thought no one wanted to come to our damned wedding anyway?
F told him no."

SES: "You know they will just tell people. How rude. I'm glad F stands up to them."

See? Funny and supporting, how can you not love her?

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