Friday, August 22, 2008

Calling the Holy Man

New Priest? Is really hacking me off. I've called there 3 times now, including the call I just made. How hard is it? I'm starting to get a little frantic like One Couple was. This is IMPORTANT stuff!!! How can you not call me back? And Nazi Secretary? Gave me the same cold shoulder and fired questions at me again, "What's your name?"
Really? Unless you are writing this stuff down, why do you need to know? Maybe she's keeping track? Maybe she's not the enemy here? I don't know, I'm all types of confused and stressed out. Time is running out here people. I need to make sure Old Priest is going to do the ceremony because if NEW Priest does it, F will boycott. Like I need this kind of stress!

F is STILL working on his side of the invites. I'm having a mandatory invite assembly and stuffing party at my office this weekend. Yes, I've decided to steal ink from The MAN and print my invites at the office. I did a trial run and they looked pretty nice. So mom, F and I will be spending a few hours at the office that day and then if we get them done in time, running to the Post Office to mail them. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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