Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flower Power

The flowers. Ah the flowers. The flowers that I really don't know anything about. The flowers that some people spend massive amounts of money on. The flowers that for the most part I think smell bad ( i told you i was a weird female). The Flowers. THE FLOWERS have been choosen. All roses. Mine a creamy white rose mixed with an extremely light peach rose. The girls are light orange roses mixed with yellow roses with a touch of orange.
I think.
I'm horrible at this stuff. And the Flower Lady was about to kill me as we finalized things. See, mom and I had gone a few weeks ago to talk to the Flower Lady from our church and we both loved her immediately. Her price when it came in the mail however was an amazing amount over $900. That does not include flowers for in the church, there are none. That does not include flowers for the center pieces, there are none. So my boquet, 6 bride's maids 4 groom's men 2 mothers, 1 father, a flower girl, a ringer bearer and 2 special guest book tenders, all cost over $900 dollars.
A previous Flower Lady told me $550.
He wanted that.
I didn't like her.
So mom called the Flower Lady and they talked, and she said she'd already discounted the price for me. So I called the Flower Lady and set up an appointment to down size.
Results? Instead of the BM's carrying a dozen roses, there will be 7 to 8 plus filler. Instead of mine being a massive 3-4 dozen of roses, it will be 2.5 to 3 dozen.
Price chopped by $200 beans.
The Flower Lady was at her wits end because like I've said, I don't do flowers. And I really didn't know how to tell her what to do, other than make the price smaller. But in the end it all worked out well. We ended on good terms and she is our Flower Lady.

Did I mention we got the cake too?
I think the Cake Lady was ready to kill F and his insistance that freezing the top layer of cake for our first annivesrary wasn't going to happen because it would taste nasty. But the cake is done.
White on White on White. Very simple and classy.
She is our Cake Lady.
It's all coming together. Now if we could only get those stupid invites out, we'd be golden.


mom2lo said...

Just an FYI... We froze our top layer and ate it on our 1-year anniversary. It was JUST AS DELICIOUS as it was on our wedding day. You have to be sure to package it right, and I admit once it thaws, your "window" for enjoying the cake is maybe 1 day (before it starts losing it's consistency n' stuff), but overall it is a perfect and delicious reminder of your special day!

Glad you got the flowers nailed down! I think the only fresh flowers we used were for my bouquet and hubs' bout. That was IT! :)

Eternal Optimist said...

Now you just need an Invitation Lady....and we, as well, ate our top layer on our first anniversary and it, too, was delicious....go for it!