Saturday, August 09, 2008

Line Jumpers

Each inspired me to tell my similar story of someone cutting in line in front of me.

I was at Church by myself on Sunday and had made a stop to talk to the Rat Toothed Music Director, I realized that he has a rat like voice as well. This situation is not improving. And he wouldn't talk to me about the music unless F was there. F, who doesn't really care about the music. However, this is not where I got cut on.
It was as I was waiting to talk to the new priest about having the old priest come back to perform our ceremony and finish up our meetings and details. There were several of us standing around outside with New Father waiting our turn, which everyone else did. Except for one couple. One Couple that was extremely anxious and upset about the lack of being able to reach New Father to set their wedding date for, NEXT YEAR. Maybe it's in January and that is the source of their anxiety, I don't know. I just know that I was standing off to the side of New Father awaiting my turn when One Couple comes and stands next to, but slightly in front of me. Miss One Couple turns and smiles at me, I smile back.
So, um, yeah, She KNEW I was THERE.
I just knew that they were going to cut in front of me, I just KNEW IT!
And I was right.
After the Old Lady finished talking to New Father and left, Mr. One Couple steps firmly in front of New Father and I gritted my teeth. In my head I was telling myself that not only was I just done going to service, but that I was actually still AT Church and hence I must resist the evil thoughts that wanted to burst through into my conscience and quite possibly make it to my lips. I contained myself as Mr One Couple railed at New Father about how they'd called and called and CALLED and SHE (the secretary) kept telling them that they were on the top of the list for their date and how New Father would call them and set up a meeting and how New Father, YOU DIDN'T CALL! New Father apologized over and over again, and they continued to complain, OVER AND OVER AGAIN stating the SAME THING over and over again. They called but no one called back.
FINALLY they seemed somewhat satisfied and they left.
New Father turns to me.
"I already have my wedding date booked." I smiled.

When I got home I told F my story stating that, "She obviously doesn't go to Church much, who wears a wife beater to Church?? I don't care if you did layer it and it was in pastel colors!!!"
Ok, so I wasn't nice, but I WAS at home by then.

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mom2lo said...

People suck.

Plain and simple.

And good for you for waiting 'til you got home to go off on F about the whole scenario. I would've been making overly loud sarcastic comments at the One Couple the whole time!