Friday, August 01, 2008

Woe is Me

My Digital friends, I have sad news to report. The Bling is gone once again!!!!
After scouring the internet for suitable wedding bands, the jeweler felt that it would be best to send him my ring so he could make a mold and more easily be able to make a band that would fit flush with my engagement ring. So it’s been shipped off yet again. I really have no idea what the band is going to look it. I’m trusting the jeweler.

I do have to Bless the Postal Worker who only blinked slightly when I told him how much it needed to be insured for and then kindly asked me what it was inside the bubbled envelope. When in a conspiratorial tone and quite literally out of the side of my mouth I said, “my engagement ring.” He said, “AH” nodded and proceeded to add extra tape, and multiple stamped warnings and saved me $10 bucks by sending it by registered mail. Which he assured me was the safest way to send it off because it has to be signed for each step of the way and is locked up in the mean time. This made me feel so much better. And I now have a tracking number so I can follow its progress. Seriously, what did people do before tracking numbers????
I asked F if I could get a loaner ring and he just laughed at me.

So now the waiting commences.

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mom2lo said...

I feel your pain. We had to take my rings in a few times to a LOCAL jeweler and I couldn't stand to walk out the door without them. Had a problem with one of the stones in my wedding band apparently falling out while they were cleaning it; had to order a new one and replace it altogether with a different ring than the one hubs actually placed on my finger. Not happy. Took them in to have them bonded together (they spun around a lot and it got on my nerves) and had to leave them for a few hours. Hated it!! I couldn't imagine dropping them in an envelope and saying good-bye for who knows how long! And I'd be all about a freakin' UPS or FedEx shipment vs. going with USPS. Just seems more "official" to me.

Ugh. I feel your pain!