Thursday, August 14, 2008

Purple is Our Special

While Daa Boys were in town, M convinced F to get a pedicure. M enjoys both pedicures AND manicures on a fairly regular basis. This is something his Ex got him into while she was still around. Seems totally out of character for M, doesn’t it? Based on what I know, it is, but whatever, I knew this would only benefit me in the long run. F? LOVED it. I knew we were winning him over when he sat in the fabulous massage chair while his feet were soaking. His facial expressions were truly comical and made me love him all the more. I was awaiting my turn when F caught me watching him. He mouthed to me, “WE GOTTA GET ONE OF THESE!!!!!! HOW MUCH ARE THEY????” I giggled and mouthed back that “THEY COST $1,200!!”
It was even better when the girl doing his pedicure asked a completely clueless F, “What color you want?”
“On Sunday, our special is Purple.”
M, L, me, and the other nail techs burst out laughing. F shook his head and smiled.
F told me he wanted another one because his feet feel so “CLEAN!!!! Like the toe jam is gone!”
Ack! Gross!!!! But still, this is totally going to benefit me. I joked that we could go as the whole wedding party and get pedicures, M and F were all for it. L stayed fairly silent throughout the entire process. When he relayed to his fiancĂ©e what we had done, she told him that was “kinda gay.” Her loss!!!! Silly girl!!!
Last night while we were at the tux place F looks around the mall and says to me, “We gotta get another pedicure!”
“When?” I smiled.
“I don’t know. We just need to!”
Oh yeah baby, regular pedicures!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!

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mom2lo said...

LOL! Hubs and I went for one a year or so ago. I totally didn't want to go by myself one time and it wasn't too hard to convince him to join me. He really liked it, too! Hasn't been with me since, though. :( Probably has something to do with needing someone to keep LO!