Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

The couple whose wedding BF and I attended are finding themselves separated...... by distance. Shortly after the wedding, mere days actually, the groom left for the mid-west. He got called-up to serve our country in the war torn Middle East. He is currently in boot camp. So the bride is alone, save for a roommate who has a wandering eye. Her friends and family do not live in the area. Needless to say, she's quite lonely. I certainly feel for her, I myself do not know what I would do placed in the same situation. Fear would become my shadow. This aside, I do not feel as though we are friends. I spent time in her home, I attended her wedding, this however does not put us in a position to spend hours on the phone chatting like old pals. This is however exactly what BF feels I should be doing. I don't spend hours chatting with my own friends let alone the wife of BF's friend. I feel mean about it, yes, however I feel somewhat put upon being forced to be her friend. There are 2 of her bride's maids that live in the same town. But apparently they aren't spending an overert amount of time with her either. I have offered to e-mail her, and IM with her throughout the day. Neither of which she's taken me up on. I have no idea how to handle this with BF. He keeps telling me she wants a woman to talk "woman talk" with. I don't do woman talk. I have no idea what to say to her. We have limited "together" experiences for me to draw from. A total of 2 weeks in all of "together time" in the last year. That's not much conversation foder. It's a hard situation, having to measure every word and sentence for fear of reminding her that her husband may not come back next year. Or that she's living alone. When I mentioned to BF that I don't make him talk to the husbands of my friends, he looked at me like I was completely crazy for even suggesting such a thing.
And yet, the parrell still completely escaped him.

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