Thursday, August 21, 2008

Call Me Miss Bachlorette

Over the weekend, my sisters, CBF and my friend R had a small bachelorette weekend. There were suppose to be 2 other people there, but one broke her foot and the other felt the need to ditch me for her husband and their anniversary. What nerve. Anyway, I'm back, and in one piece and yes, still plan on marrying my man F. We had a really good time, and they got all kinds of pictures of me completing bachelorette tasks. Kissing a bald man's head? Check. Slamming a blow job sans hands?Check. You get the idea. We kept it tame. The other 3 bachelorette parties in the bar were a tad bit more obvious. We still had a good time. I needed that weekend to have fun and stop worrying about wedding related things that still need to be done. And let me tell you, the dynamic of 5 woman interacting with each other ranging in ages from 33 to 43? WOW. Freud would have had a field day! I just sat back and watched, it was interesting. It wasn't wild and crazy and it wasn't over done. Would I have liked to drink a tad more? Oh yes. Does Eldest Sister for some weird ass reason still think I'm an alcoholic? Oh yes. Am I glad I didn't have a massive hangover the next day? You better believe it!
The highlight of the weekend? Well, there were a few, having ice cream for lunch 2 days in a row, major plus. Sitting on the beach and chillin, minus the massive sunburn I got, fabulous. Having some guy hand me a 20 spot to go get a shot to slam with him then having another guy pay for it instead, amazing.(yes, i returned the the 20 spot.) Slapping some random hot college guy on the ass followed by the line, "Would you like another?" in my 1-900 voice as CBF calls it, as we exited the bar, PRICELESS.
We decided that decked out in a Bachelorette sash allows you to do many things that normally you couldn't do (like get into a bar without having to pay cover), and hence have devised a plan to do this on multiple occasions. Several girls' only weekends where the sash gets passed around and we celebrate multiple upcoming weddings.
How can you not like another?

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