Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stars Got Crossed

I saw this article on MSN about choosing the right major based on your astroligical sign.

Here's what mine said:


The tender Cancer soul is good in any nurturing profession. Cancer loves money as much as nurturing, and a major in pre-med or nursing can put you on the high end of the payroll today as well as satisfy your strong desire to empathize and be needed. Cancer also would do well as a stock portfolio manager, bond trader, or in any aspect of banking. Perhaps, too, your natural cooking skills would be enhanced by entering a program in culinary arts, which could bring in a sizable income.

Here's what we know based on past posts:

The banking and stock stuff? WRONG, maxed out a few credit cards now haven't I?

The cooking? WRONG, burned or under cooked a few meals, haven't I?

As for being a Nurse? I am caring person. However, having somebody's life in my hands? Yeah, not to keen on that kind of responsibility. So, WRONG.
So apparently, They are all kinds of wrong.

How about you my Digital Friends? Are they right or wrong about who you should be when you grow up???


Becky said...

I'm a Virgo: "Majoring in communication would open countless doors for your brand of perfectionism and productivity." Wow...I'm 5 years out of college, but I did major in Communication. LOL. But I'm with you on the not wanting to be a nurse. Now the writing/editing stuff...that I could get into.

mom2lo said...

I'm a Taurus: "...your sign might seek a major in economics, which could set you off on a career involving banking, stocks and bonds, or any occupation dealing with finances."

Um, I got a "D" in Algebra in High School. I barely made it through the horrible math classes I needed to get my BS in Business Administration. I minored in Information Technology.

I don't do numbers.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Pisces, and apparently I:
am multitalented: true
should write erotica: huh?
or be an engineer:...
Yeah, I'm a graphic designer.. hmmm... at least i got a good laugh :)