Thursday, November 20, 2008


F and I took some of our wedding money and joined the local community rec center. He keeps telling me we'll be doing a lot of walking on our Honeymoon and he doesn't want me whining about needing a nap in the middle of the day. (nice eh?) Since I got sick on our mini-moon, I didn't attend for about a week. When we started going I enjoyed the treadmill on the upper deck walk way and immediately fell in love with it's on board fans. I claimed it as my own. I knew from previous experience that using the incline was an excellent way to change up and vary your workout. So imagine my irritation when one night we went there and MY TREADMILL was occupied. I grudgingly start my workout on the elliptical right next to said treadmill. As I watched the woman, and her son, who very much did NOT meet the 16yr age rule, workout I became incensed. The woman was NOT using the incline AT ALL. All she varied was her speed, something she could have easily done on the TRACK. Then she got off the treadmill and went on, the TRACK. BUT ALAS! I was still blocked from my beloved treadmill by her SON who in no way was using the equipment properly, and still not meeting the age requirement. FINALLY they left and I claimed the treadmill as my own once again. When F came to check on my progress I angrily told him of the mother-son team and their misuse of MY TREADMILL.

F: "DH, it's not YOUR treadmill."
Me: "YES. IT.IS."
F: "You're crazy."
Me: "Whatever."

The next night my upper deck treadmill gave me a bird's eye view of the teenage girl, wrapped only in a towel (she actually had on a bathing suit underneath, but it was the same color as the towel so you really couldn't tell) as she alternately followed/stalked/cornered her boyfriend and tried to convince him to stay with her (i'm assuming that is what she was doing since I couldn't hear, but at one point she was crying and her body language was giving all the right 'break-up' cues.) I was horrified at her behavior. First, in public. Second, wrapped in A TOWEL. A TOWEL!!!!!! I so wanted to go grab her and tell her to have a little PRIDE for Fuck's sake! But I didn't dare leave my treadmill. The more I watched the more I wanted to smack some sense into her, HARD.
As we were leaving F spots her, he had seen bits of it. He does the side mouth talk: "That girl there? She was fighting with her boyfriend."


F: "*sigh* Not so loud! Must you be like that? Judge everyone? Do you think you're better than her?"

Me: " I AM better than her! She has no pride! Behaving like that in public! Stupid girl! She needs a lesson in self worth. PA-THET-IC."

F: "You're crazy."

Me:"Whatever. I'm right."


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with come across as really judgmental and need to get over yourself. Everything you write is with such a negative outlook or criticizing someone or something. It makes you sound like you're constantly a victim and the whole world is against you. Your blog is basically a daily pity party for yourself.

Give the teenager a break for crying out loud. Were you never a kid in love? Did you never do stupid stuff? You write as if you think you're perfect and everyone else is wrong. And don't tell me to stop reading your blog. I will continue to do's like my little form of self torture. I have hope for you though because I always think...maybe...just maybe...she'll write something positive for once in her life.

SassyTwoSocks said...

First of all, I think you are a coward to post this anonymously. Give a girl a break?! Everyone uses their blog for different reasons, and if she wants to post the hard parts of her life, than she can do that. You don't have to read it.

Anonymous said...

SassyTwoSocks - 1) I'm not a coward. My name is Adrienne. Nice to meet you. 2) I have a right to my opinion. The writer posts negative things Is there nothing positive in this person's life? The title of the blog alone pretty much sums up her attitude I think. Of course she has every right to post about the hardships of her life but really? Are you saying she's writing about hardships? Sounds to me like it's just a bunch of complaining and criticizing others. Hardships is defined as extreme suffering. I don't think being deprived of "her" treadmill is a cause for extreme suffering. And watching a pair of teenagers in the middle of breaking up while one stands in a towel- that's not a hardship that's called not minding your own business and being uber-judgmental.

The writer can post whatever she wants and will obviously do so. I'm not holding her back. Just trying to open her eyes as to how she comes off and that not everything is so terrible. I'm sure that there are other silent readers out there who agree with me.

SassyTwoSocks said...

Look, I appreciate your sharing your name, but that's not really sharing with us who you are. Do you have a blog? Let's see it. Honestly, I hear you. I don't agree with you. But there are better ways to communicate what you believe to be "constructive criticism" to this blogger. If you think she is coming off a certain way, how do you know she doesn't already know that and wants to come off that way? There are a lot of blogs out there, you can choose to leave this one and read another. I honestly find it very intriguing that you are so worked up over someone else's blog. It sounds like you may have issues with people that you perceive to be entitled or who don't really have the same issues that you have to deal with. I personally think Adulthood Sucks seems like a nice, normal person and is just recounting her life to us through her writing. I enjoy reading it. Maybe you should dig a little deeper and figure out why it bothers you so much that a stranger chooses to post her life and opinions and misfortunes on her blog.

SassyTwoSocks said...

PS - if there was some pimply teenager fucking around on the treadmill I wanted to use, I'd be pissed too. And I'd probably write about it on my blog, too.