Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moving On

I would imagine you are all tired of the Wedding re-cap. I know my brain has become mushy as to the details of the events. One last thing I forgot to tell you all, and then we'll move on to other things.
The day after the wedding, F took his family about town, where he got a fat and happy Homeland lunch from his relatives and then took them shopping for "Homeland" groceries to take back East with them.
I got cold leftover pizza.
Cleaned the house.
Took CBF to the airport.

Why did I clean the house the day after my wedding you ask???? Because F decided it would be a fabu idea to have all the leftover out of towners over for wedding leftovers.
I had 30 people in my house.
By the end of the night my knees had crumbled and my thighs were screaming with pain. I was tired, hot, in pain, nauseous and not in a good mood.

Not at all how I'd pictured my first day as a married woman.
My picture involved fluffy pillows, darken windows, soft sheets and meals in bed.

I did have a good time with his family though. His Aunts and Uncles are such nice people. There were a lot of laughs during the present opening. I think I truly endeared myself with his Aunts, always a good. I in fact can't wait to see them again. They made me laugh. All in all, it was a good way to wrap things up.
On to Thank You notes!

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mom2lo said...

I for one am not tired of your wedding recap posts! I've been married almost 3 years so I love to live vicariously through all the brides and brides-to-be out there! Good stuff!!