Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Casual?

As I was leaving for work on Friday I saw my neighbor lady, the one who feels the need to make comments about the state of our lawn and garden all summer long, and said hello.

Me: "Hey Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady!"

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: "Hi DH! How's the new bride?"

Me: "Good!"

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: "Where are you off to today?" (she's also our real estate agent and found us Tenant, she was dressed in a pant suit and even when she goes to the gym she is in full make-up and coiffed hair.).

Me: "I'm going to work. "

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: (in a total mom voice) "Dressed like THAT?"

Me: "Only on Fridays."

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: "Oh. How........ nice. How is married life going?"

Me: "Really good."

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: "Great! That's Great. Ok, well, I'll talk to you later!"

Me: "Ok, see you later!"

Lawn Nazi Neighbor Lady: "Have a good day!"

Me: "You too!"

My outfit? F's long sleeved army green sweater shirt with small navy and white stripes across the chest, boot cut jeans and my hippie tan leather clogs.
I thought I looked cute. And I had a really hard time putting an outfit together that morning.
She apparently thought I look homeless.

*la sigh*

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