Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, You May Not

Things F wanted to eat after being sick: Blue Cheese(dairy is bad for your stomach per the doctor, when you have the BIG D). A hamburger(grease? um, no). Fried Chicken(again with the grease). Pizza(do you see the theme here?). An Orange(acid? on an upset stomach? Seriously???). Ice Cream(NO DIARY!).

When I was a child, and had been puking ill, the rules applied such as this:

1)No eating or drinking for 12 hours after. Eating or drinking just made you puke again.
2) Once the 12 hours had passed you were allowed water and dry toast. IF that stayed down you could add butter and jelly to the toast and the water could be turned into tea, with lemon and sugar, no MILK.
3) If you are too sick to go to school, you are too sick to sit up and watch TV.
4) You are not allowed to leave the house unless it's to go to the doctor or to pick up your meds. NO PLAYING OUTSIDE. (and no attending family parties to spread your illness around to the masses.)
5) Most of your time should be spent in bed, letting your body heal. No staying up late.
6) (something I've found I've had to add as an adult for F) NO SEX until you are Completely Well.

F claims that there were no such rules in his house and that he thinks I'm making them up. I am not.
What rules, my digital friends, were enforced in your home when you were sick?


Stacey said...

my mom was down with the "too sick for school=too sick for tv" rule, and what is up with guys and sick sex? i've had to lay down the law on this one, too...

Becky said...

We didn't have the no tv rule, but we definitely had the no playing and no "fun" activities if you are too sick for school. I think we were allowed popsicles, but I'm not sure. I hardly ever got the stomach flu, and the eating rules were a little different for colds/sinus infections/etc.

But definitely no "strenuous activities". ;-)