Friday, November 14, 2008

I Got Special Band-Aids

F and I are going to the Homeland for our Honeymoon. This little 3.5 week trip requires us to get shots.
Me and needles? We’re not all that friendly.
However, the chance of being sick far Far FAR from home in a country that’s not as medically advanced as the U.S.A., made me suck it up and get the shots.
5 so far.
All in one sitting.
Thankfully spilt between my 2 arms.
I didn’t eat breakfast.
I didn’t eat lunch.
I didn’t pass out, but I came close.
I figured because the appointment was just after lunch time I would be in and out in 30mins and get lunch on my way back to the office.
Uh, not so much.
Because I’d skipped breakfast (the bagels were downstairs in the freezer and I was too lazy/late to go dig them out.) I was extra hungry by lunch. Mr Flipz White Fudge covered pretzels don’t really fill that gap, let me tell ya. The 30min appointment turned into an hour and a half. An hour of telling me all things to avoid and discussing which shots I would be getting. And then sharing travel stories and 40 minutes of shots. Those extra 10 minutes came from me having to lay down so I didn’t fall off the table.
I was already quite hungry when I reached the office. As the minutes ticked by my hunger started to affect my ability to focus. By the time we made it into the room where the shots were administered I was feeling faint and ill. I was having a really hard time focusing on the Nurse’s face and watching her prepare the needles wasn’t helping my anxiety any. The first 2 shots heightened my anxiety and I got hot and started to sweat.
The Nurse switched to my other arm: “I’ve spread out the ones that hurt most between the two arms.”
Me: “Great, thanks.” (please Jesus, just finish already!)
Nurse: “Ok, almost done. *pause* Are you alright?”
Me: “Yep, sure.” (I thought for sure I was gonna puke.)
Nurse: “Are you sure? Maybe you should lay down.”
Me: “I’m ok.” (stop chattin and stick me already!)
Nurse: “Here, lie down. I’ll put your feet up in a second. Lie back.”
Me: “Uh, ok.” (the second I leaned back my empty stomach lurched, oh crap)
Nurse: “That better?”
Me: “Yeah, just the anxiety, and I get hot and then I freak more because I know my anxiety is up, just waiting for something to happen.”
Nurse: “It the flight or fight kicking in.”

She went on to explain it all to me and I calmed down considerably.

Me: “Boy, I must have looked pretty bad for you to say something. Hahaha”
Nurse: “See the color of the wall there? (a pale cream color) that was the color of your face.”
Me: “oh. Well I didn’t eat.”
Nurse: “WHAT! You should ALWAYS eat before eating shots!”
Me: “I realize that now.”

So I got some special band-aids, Princesses, and a juice box before I left the office.
I felt stupid for not eating and I just felt icky from the shots and the lack of food and ugh.

So yes, I may have to go back if my Mumps, Measles and Rubella aren’t up to date.
I’ll be stopping at Mickey D’s that time.

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