Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I'm Not A Nurse

I know my profile says one of the jobs I'm suited for is being a Nurse. I highly disagree. A few years ago my young niece was hospitalized because she had a horrible case of Pneumonia. My sister was worn out and asked me to take a turn spending the night in the hospital. I of course agreed. And I felt like such a terrible horrible Aunt when about 5 hrs in I yelled at my niece to stop whining. I'm riddled with guilt to this day about my short fuse with an extremely ill 5 yr old.
That apparently however, doesn't stop me from being irritate with F, who became violently ill over the weekend. He laid in bed, teeth chattering and begged me to not leave him alone. All I wanted to do was make the bed across the hall so I would have somewhere to sleep while he was sick. I was not allowed. I was forced to lay on the bed beside him, while he slept. Luckily I had a book to read. When I was finally allowed to leave, I grumbled to myself as I made up the bed, "Does he honestly think that when we have kids and he gets sick that I'll be able to lay on the bed and keep him company? Doesn't he understand that the world doesn't stop when he's sick? Kids need to be feed, laundry needs to be done, food needs to be made!!!"

And then I felt bad. But I also knew I was right. The house can't stop being cared for just because one of us is sick.
Why are men this way? Every woman I know cares for herself, her family and probably still goes to work when she is sick. Men need to be coddled. Am I wrong? Someone please explain this to me!

This morning when I left F to come to work I told him:
"F, I'm leaving to go to work. I'll be back at lunch."
"So I can come take care of you."
"*a dismissive wave of his hand* You don't need to, I'm fine, I'm better."
"Ok, well I'll come home anyway. No going anywhere, no eating more than crackers and water, ok?"
"Yeah. Can't you take the whole day off?"


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Errant said...

ha ha .. that was funny ! i mean how F responded at the end ..

well, u're very true about the men thing, maybe it's their nature .. and it's our nature to take care of everything. we are capable to do that emotionally and physically .. but maybe they can't .. at least emotionally ..