Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Wedding: The Highlights (and lowlights)

We arrived at the reception to cheers. It was exciting. The food was great, what little of it I actually ate and the music was bumpin’ as the kids say.
F and I were both distressed at how many people left between 8 and 9 pm. But once I got out on the dance floor I didn’t care. I danced all night long (my knees killed for the next 3 days) and didn’t speak to a good 70% of our guests. Since F wasn’t in a dancing mood, he made the rounds for us.
I had a fabulous time dancing with my girls; we ended the night on the floor belting out “Sweet Home Alabama”.

Some Highs:
- F giving me my locket.
- During the ceremony my 2 yr old nephew made a break for it, trying to reach his dad (my brother) up on the alter. Behind us you could hear “LT! NO!” and hear the pounding of little kid feet before ES-BIL grabbed him. On the tape you can see our photographer look startled, make a half-hearted grab for him as he went flying by and then ES-BIL reach out and snatch him up. It’s quite entertaining.
- Again, we go to tape to see my niece, the flower girl reach out and try to slow down F’s nephew, the ring bearer, from racing down the aisle. She was unsuccessful.
- After F kissed me when we met at the alter Old Priest called us out and told us we’d have to do everything all over again, I begged him not to make me walk down the stairs again.
- F passing the poem I wrote him up and down the head table for everyone to read.

Some Lows:
- F’s friends leaving their trash for someone else (namely me) to pick up the morning of the wedding.
- F deciding that he didn’t like CBF because she told him she was analyzing him as he folded his clothes.(she was joking, maybe)
- W (F’s brother) showing me dirty jokes on his cell phone during the reception. Why?????
- W welcoming me into the family to which I responded, “I hope you treat me well” and he said, “Fuck that, I’m not going to treat you any better than that fat bitch over there.” (his wife that he’s leaving in a year.) (WTF???)
- M in his best man speech referencing his 12 day marriage.
- M answering his hotel room door, exposed. When he asked me if I was impressed I said, “Yeah, if you were a puppy.” (WTF? It was my wedding night!)

The greatest high (after actually getting married to F that is) came from an unexpected place, FIL. Who after spending 4 days surrounded by my family and friends told my Aunt that he was jealous of how supporting and loving my family was and that he understood that F was where he belonged.

Killed ‘em with kindness. Yeah baby, YEAH.

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mom2lo said...

Very informative post! I've been reading all about your wedding details but haven't commented much recently. I've been looking forward to all of the bits and pieces you've shared about the entire wedding process. I can imagine it feels nice to be done with all that planning! And I assume you have your place back to yourselves with no more family or friends in town. Oh, and I can't tell you how tired and overwhelmed I got just by reading all of the stuff you had to do (i.e. entertaining a zillion family members and friends) just prior to your big day. Whew!!