Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Wedding in Bits and Pieces: Bit 1: Girls’ Night In

After I cleared out the house of in-laws (or as CBF calls them out-laws, and recovered from SIL's A-Bomb statement) CBF, SM, A (my friend from England) and I settled in for homemade pizza and booze. We laughed, we swore, we practiced hurling to the right, or to the groom’s side, and I shared a few horror stories about the soon to be out-laws. We had a really good time. There were a few weird moments when I was hit full force with just how out of touch SM really is. She really is a redneck, and love her though I do, she must be taken in small doses.
CBF came close to having me explode all over her when she made one too many cutting remarks about what I’m not sure, but I know I put her in her place by reminding her that she’d gotten her own way about the BM dress. She too must be taken in small doses.
A? A is an absolute ANGEL! She is so funny and totally takes the piss out of everyone. I am so glad I have her as a dear dear friend!
Having them over really helped me relax. It was great to just sit and chat with the gals. I wish we could do it more.
And if you ever want to know how to handle a drunken bridesmaid or how to stop the hiccups or locate a missing groom go get this book. It is a hoot and offered hours of fun and laughter as well as some really practical info. Like how to fart without making any noise. I swear, it’s true! It even tells you how to blame it on someone else! We got loads of laughs out of this book. The groomsmen even read it. I’m telling you, BUY THIS BOOK as a shower gift. It will be a huge hit.
Anyway, we called it a night about 10:30pm, what can I say, we’re getting old(and they all had jet-lag). And F rolled in from “just going to get the tuxes” at about 11pm.

Me: “Sooooo, get the tuxes alright???”
F: “Uh, yeah. Why?”
Me: “Right, that’s what you told me you were going to do go do like 4 hours ago.”
F: “Um, whatever. It’s a long story.”
Me: “Did you go to a strip club?”
F: “Yeah.”
Me: “*sigh* UGH! You stink like smoke!!! Go take a shower!”
F: “*shoving his chest in my face* smeeeeellllll!!!!!! YAY BABY!!!!”
Me: “GAG! You are SOOOO not crawling into bed smelling like that! Go! Shower!”

This is the man I’m marrying in 2 days. Oh brother.

Next: The Morning of REHEARSAL......

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