Friday, November 21, 2008

Stupid People

This is an open Blog letter to the fools, and yes, there appears to be more than one, who think it's acceptable to ride a bike in the dark while wearing, BLACK.

Yes. While driving home 3x now, my headlights glinted off the metal on a bike which was coming at me. You rider, riding into on-coming traffic, was clothed, head to toe in BLACK. You even had your hood up to cover your head. You were riding on the shoulder of the road when nary 4 feet over was the SIDEWALK.

The other night as I turned out of the gym parking lot there you were AGAIN, in the ROAD riding into on coming traffic. WEARING SHORTS, it was 30 degrees out! This simply proves how mental you are. Once again, sidewalk? Four feet away. Why were you not on it? And you turned INTO the gym parking lot. The sidewalk would have lead you DIRECTLY to the BIKE STAND.
Please tell me how your approach is logical? I realize the law in our fair State says you have as much right to the road as a car, HOWEVER, that only applies if you are riding your bike in the same manner as you would drive a car. i.e. WITH TRAFFIC. IN A LANE. NOT on the SHOULDER. With proper lighting and reflective items so that we, the common drivers, don't almost kill you as we exit the gym because we simply CAN NOT SEE YOU. Because seriously, who is looking for a GUY on a BIKE at 8 pm at night, in NOVEMBER in 30 degree weather???
You are mentally deficient and need to be removed from interaction with the public at large.

Thank you, and Good Day.

I said, GOOD DAY!!!!

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Bemused Observer said...

Maybe the bikers are hoping to get a Darwin Award.