Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Wedding in Bits and Pieces: Bit 2: Morning of Rehearsal

A, CBF, R (who drove down that morning) and SM and I all piled into the car for some much needed pampering, MANIs and PEDIs!!!!! YAY!!!!! The place we went I’d never been to before and their massage chairs kinda sucked, but we still had a good time. Even though they could only do 2 of us at a time. Even though I’d booked ahead, for all 4 of us. (SM was just “watching” due to cost.) CBF went first. They took her around a glass brick wall and we could hear her chatting away with the Nice Nail Lady and then her chatting broke into perils of laughter!!! We waited, but it continued so we all tromped around the wall to see CBF practically coming out of her chair because the tool the Nice Nail Lady was using tickled her feet. The Nice Nail Lady invited us to sit in the empty chairs and just hang until it was our turn. A was next. She also got the Nice Nail Lady and she too laughed as the tool was applied to her feet. (CBF, horrified, told me later about the “stuff that was flying off of A’s feet!” as the tool was applied.) I was next. But I got the Mean Nail Lady (really, are you surprised by this?). I also found myself falling into fits of giggles as the Mean Nail Lady applied the tool my feet. It seriously tickled. After all our feet were done we tromped, toe spreaders and foam flip-flops, around the glass wall to the manicure area.

Mean Nail Lady: “What you want?” (I’m not being racist here, I have yet to encounter a non-Asian nail person in the “nails only” salons, and this is how they all talk.)

Me: “A French manicure, but pink.”

Mean Nail Lady: “French Manicure ONLY WHITE.”

Me: “I’ve seen where they are a light pink color too; I’m not sure what it’s called though.” (my girls were all clueless and completely non-helpful in this exchange, none of us get manicures on a regular basis.)

Mean Nail Lady: “French Manicure WHITE!”

Me: “but, my dress is cream………..”

Mean Nail Lady: “French manicure always WHITE.”

Me: ok. White.”

With that settled, she set to work. I’d broken 2 nails during the week and I have one that grows wonky from the last time I had fake nails put on so she grudgingly slapped on 3 nail tips (you boys asleep yet? I promise, I’m almost done.) and proceeded to file the HELL out of my nails. I have to admit, I rocked the WHITE French tips, and my friend R got the same thing and we decided days later that getting French tip manicures was something we’d both get more often from now on.
We laughed and joked and shoved each other at the drying table, it was a BLAST. Then it was time to leave. I was shoving my shoes on as all my girls rushed out the door together.

Me: “WAIT! I still have to PAY!”

Mean Nail Lady: “No pay, she pay already.”

Me: “What? Who?”

Mean Nail Lady: “She.”

CBF: (sticking her head around the corner) “I paid punkin.”

Me: “Oh, wow! Thanks!”

Mean Nail Lady: “Congratulations.”

Me: “Thanks!”

To this day I don’t know if the woman got a tip or not, because I didn’t give her one and I never remembered to ask CBF if she did or not.
Then we headed to Chili’s for lunch, we were all starved! Chili’s rocks my world, but I stayed away from their El Presidente Margarita, I didn’t want to be tipsy during rehearsal.

After lunch we RUSHED back to the house to get ready for.......... THE REHEARSAL!!!!!!!!!!!

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each of the two said...

its called a "pink and white"

usually its pink gel used (instead of clear) and a white tip.

but if its your own nail and not an acrylic they can do this with polish.

still called a "pink and white"

mean nail lady...