Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've got nothin'

I'm drawing a blank for a Blog topic. My mind is all consumed with the fact that we are getting tomorrow off, a whole extra day for Thanksgiving! As I was explaining to my co-worker friend at lunch today, I am so excited about having this extra day off and I have SOOOO many things I WANT to do, and yet haven’t figured out how to get them all accomplished and STILL be able to sleep in. And by sleep in, I’m talking noon-ish. It’s really not all that possible. I want to go shopping, pre-Black Friday type stuff. Finally use the pedicure cert F gave me LAST Christmas, I hope it’s still good, and take said F out to lunch since the nail place is by his work. At least sort wedding presents so I can finally start on the Thank Yous, maybe take a nap and do some holiday baking. It may not seem like much, but there’s always prep involved when going to see your honey at his workplace. You can’t come prancing in in yoga pants and a ponytail. I must be “dressed” and “coiffed”. Which means getting up before 11am. (I’m lazy on days off, m-k?) Anyway, my mind is consumed with time lines and prep-times, so I have nothing to give you my dear digital friends to get you through the long weekend. So I’m going the easy route and getting you all to participate in the post. This means some of you must stop just being a red dot on my map and put your name out there! I know there are some non-Thanksgiving celebrating digital friends, so go with a Holiday you celebrate, anyway, what food dish is it a sin to not have at your holiday meal? For me it’s the stuffing. There must be stuffing, and LOTS of it.
Or what dish is NOT to be messed with/changed/ “jazzed up”? Like adding meat to the stuffing? BIG HUGE NO-NO.
Share my digital friends, SHARE!
And to those of you lucky enough to get a day completely centered on eating and being lazy, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
To everyone else, if I was hosting this year, I’d invite ya over, however, I don’t think Eldest Sister would go for that, so I’m afraid you’re on your own. Happy Normal Thursday to you!


Stacey said...

i hate changing ANYTHING about my mom's thanksgiving dinner, mostly because it has tasted the same (delicious) since i can remember. i am super sentimental, so it would make me sad to have any of her stuff replaced with "jazzed up versions".

Becky said...

I would be afraid if anyone started "jazzing up" any of our thanksgiving dishes. It's a dead giveaway that someone new is cooking. Plus, they might add weird SEASONINGS to the food, and that cannot be allowed (my Norweigan taste buds would freak out). ;-)

I will say that one thing my grandparents have every Christmas that I never have and never will understand is lutefisk. Have you heard of it? It's NASTY. Like fish jello. And they make it by soaking it in lye or something. Yuck! And yet they eat it every year. And they would be sad if there wasn't any. Bizarre.

April said...

My FIL makes the BEST stuffing EVER. Hands down. No contest. Now he makes it for Christmas too just because I ask for it and I love it. I am so lucky.

Enjoy your day off. This is the first Black Friday in 15 years that I am working and won't get to enjoy the Christmas shopping festivities. Sniff. I am so sad.

Scott said...

Getting up before 11am is overrated. What fun can you have in the morning?

DevilsHeaven said...

Sweet heaven, fish jello?!?!?! I threw up in my mouth a little just reading that!!!!
I gagged at the grocery store the other night when I saw "fish nitbits" or something like that, jellied, jared, GAG!
I so do NOT do fish.

Anonymous said...

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