Tuesday, December 02, 2008


F called.
"We got an e-mail from the HEAD Head guy, the VERY TOP guy. He says things are bad, not only here, but over in the HOME BASE Country. It said that last time things were this bad, there were early retirement packages and potential lay offs.
So, DH, this means we have to watch EVERY penny. No more going out to lunch, brown baggin only. That kind of stuff, ok? And I'm REAAAAAAALLY worried about going to The Homeland for our Honeymoon."

Me: "ok."

What can you say about that? I praise all that is Holy that he still has a J.O.B. That I still have a J.O.B.
This is crazy. I don't even know how to react. Like seriously. My brother lost his job. Sweet Miss Molly just lost her job. This has got to stop. The shit hole spiral has GOT TO STOP. You hear that Obama??? Congress??? That's the sucking whirling sound of America going down the tubes. History is about to repeat it's self. We know this isn't the way to go. And this time? We're taking other countries down with us. The Global Economy is crumbling around our ears and Congress wants to know if people will work for a dollar for the year. Is that REALLY the important thing to focus on? REALLY????
We all need to light some candles and say some serious prayers.

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April said...

Dude, seriously! Is this not scary?? OMG!! If it makes you feel any better, I work in a bank and NO ONE has any money. NO ONE!! You and F are on my good wishes list sweetie!! Hang in there!