Thursday, July 03, 2008

Back Up Off The Sparkly And Shiny

While MIL was visiting she and my mom went dress shopping together. MIL found a dress for the wedding, but they didn’t have it in her size. F took her to a different store the following day to see if they could find it. They didn’t have. I convinced him to write down the designer so we could look it up online. Which MIL and I did. We found it. We drove about an hour to the store. They didn’t have in the store, it was online only. (which the website failed to tell me.) They had her size, but not in the original color she tried on. I told her that I didn’t want her to feel obligated to buy the dress just because we were standing in the store. She said she liked it and she was going to buy. They shipped it to her house Back East. When it arrived, she didn’t like the color, it’s going back.
The entire time we were looking she kept saying she was giving up. If she didn’t find anything while visiting us, she was done looking because there is “NOTHING BACK EAST.” I find this totally hard to believe; it IS BACK EAST after all. I realize she was joking, about giving up that is. MIL actually has a really good sense of humor when you get her away from FIL. My mom said she really enjoyed hanging out with her. I haven’t heard what the dress shopping game plan is now, especially since we found out that W (F’s brother) is filing for divorce from T. Which after reading these stories about them, I’m sure all of you are as shocked by that as I am. Anyway, without T to take her shopping, I don’t see her having much luck in this department. And I’m kinda worried. I’m sure she’ll find something. Right?

My mother is also in need of a dress. She has been looking almost since the day we got engaged. Since then she’s “found” about 5 dresses and for one reason or another has talked herself out of purchasing them. I’d thought we’d hit pay dirt when I heard the joint shopping expedition had been successful for both those involved. That evening my mom went and ordered her dress. The next morning, she canceled it. She and I went shopping for her dress one day, and she found something on clearance, but not in her size. It of course was discontinued, so we couldn’t order it. I wrote down the designer and we looked online. All the dresses by this designer are outrageously expensive!!! $600 for a dress? I think not!!!! Even so we wrote down a few other shops she could go to that carried that designer.

People, we only have 114 days to go. I was looking on one website for dresses for my mom and it said that a common error most MOTBs make is waiting to get their dress until the last minute because they need 6 months to order too. Panic? Me? Yes. Neither mother has a dress. And after the dress there comes shoes, and purses and proper underwear. I still have some major items to gather, like, um a DJ, and oh, a Cake. Maybe even some flowers. So I really don’t have time to be holding my mother by the hand and helping her find a dress. Ok, that sounds kind of bitchy. I apologize. Its just her constant waffling on this issue is really getting to me. And some of the stuff she was all OHHHH NIIIIIIIIICE about? UGLY. I’m being a bad daughter, I know. Especially after all she did for me when MIL was here. I’m venting. Please forgive me.
I am taking suggestions though. Know any good websites for MOTB dresses???????


mom2lo said...

I'm not facing this dilemma myself, but my mother-in-law has been looking for a dress for her daughter's wedding this Fall. Turns out she found what she wanted at Nordstrom. Have you given that a try? I'm SO sorry for this drama... I know it's the last thing you need with everything else you have on your plate! Do keep us all posted!

April said...

My MIL had a really difficult time finding a dress. She finally did but it was a cream color. She was so worried I would be offended if she wore something in the white family. By that time I just wanted her to show up without a black veil over her face. She ended up looking gorgeous in her cream brocade suit with beautiful gold shoes.

I was going to suggest Nordstrom too. Or David's Bridal. Sometimes they have them in stock and if you have to order it only takes a few weeks.

Good luck girl! Planning a wedding is not nearly as much fun as we dream it will be. :)

Anonymous said...

My mom actually found hers in the same store my dress is from. Technically, it's a bridesmaid dress, but it looks beautiful on her. It's a Belsoie by Jasmine Bridal. Because it was a BM dress, it was pretty afforable. I'm pretty sure it's under $200 and it's super classy.

Check out the site

Megan said...

my mother also found her dress at Nordstroms. It was in their special occasions section, but it was a really nice dress. it wasn't traditional MOTB/MIL, but paired with a cute jacket, it looked wonderful. also any other major department store. there were some nice ones we found at macy's, though ultimately she didn't go with.