Monday, July 14, 2008

Panic Attacks: The Count Down

I showed F a printout of our invites, AFTER I’d already placed the order.

F: “Miss DH?”

ME: “Yeah, I’m not married yet.”

F: “Hmmm. Oh, THIS is WRONG!”


F: “This. It shouldn’t say Two thousand AND eight. It should just say Two thousand eight.”

ME: (panicked and horrified) “What? No, that’s right, its AND.”

F: “No it’s not. We were always taught that you only say AND if there’s a decimal point.”

Me: “No, that’s what the thing (website) said, it said AND. I’m sure of it.”

F: “That’s what it said?”

Me: (half heartedly): “Yeah.”

F: “Hmm, ok, if that’s what it said.”

ME: “Yep.”

Needless to say I ran in this morning and checked the website; “Listing the year is optional. If you choose to do so, it appears on the line following the day/date line. Only the first letter of the first word of the line is capitalized: "The year two thousand" or "Two thousand and nine."

PLUS I asked our office Wordsmith, and she said the formal written way is to use AND.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the phone call I got from one of my brides’ maids about the dresses………


Anonymous said...

The formal way is actually without the "and". That was told to me by the woman who owns the store where I'm getting my invites. I doubt anyone will notice though unless they are super anal.

Molly said...

mine says Two thousand and eight. And you know what, with weddings being the way they are now you have so much more freedom to be creative. So no one is going to care whether you write Two, two, or 2. Except maybe great aunt Alicce, but I think she'll get over it :)