Tuesday, July 08, 2008

3 Days of Stuff

First, since I forgot to do it before the weekend, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY American readers!!(i know you non-Americans exist, cause clustrmap tells me so!) I love holidays that have been warped into drinking and eating fests with various forms of fire thrown in for good measure. Seriously though, I love me some 4th of July!!! Shout out to the founding old dead dudes that made the 4th more than just a day in July. For some of us anyway. Moving on......
F and I went to my Brother's for the 4th. My SIL has gotten my family trashed on more than one occasion because she is seriously hard to say no to. She just wants people to join in, so I did. And there is a reason why Kamikazes are normally shot size, not tumbler size. Let alone 2 tumblers on top of 2 or was it 3? Cokes and vanilla vodkas. Luckily, I stopped before my teeth became numb. (that was my test in college, if I couldn't feel my face or my teeth, it was time to stop drinking.) I started drinking the water instead to stave off the hangover. But continued to scarf the dip Second Eldest Sister brought until she told me I'd get sick if I didn't.
I got sick anyway. Not "OMG THE BATHROOM FLOOR FEELS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD" sick, but more, "OMG, I wish I'd not drank so much, I feel like I'm gonna be sick." kind of sick. Topped with, "OMG, Second Eldest was right, I ate too much cream cheese." punctuated with several groans. The kind of sick that passes, but not quickly enough, you still end up sitting up in bed for most of the night because lying down would mean the spins, and that's never cool.

Also? Fireworks? So not as awesome as when I was a kid. Is it all just my perspective or have the cities just gotten cheap? Discuss.

Somewhere in the weekend, something decided my calves & feet tasted damn good and went ahead and gorged themselves on me. I have 15 NEW bites from knees to big toes. Wearing shoes has become torturous because my feet are covered in bites, oh the itching!!!! When I showed them to F he said, "God do you think we have bed bugs? OR Spiders?????"
Spiders? IN OUR bed? Thanks for freaking me the hell out!!!!

Remember when I realized I'm whiter than Frosty? Well, spending the day with F outside while he was doing his hobby has changed all that. F and I put up the tarp thingie for me to sit under so I could read without getting burned. Which I did for most of the day until I realized I was wasting one hell of a good day for tanning. So I moved my chair up to the edge of the shade so my feet and calves would be exposed to the glorious sun (i had the bites already by this point, the sun actually made them itch, go figure). I thought I only sat like that for about an hour. It's hard to keep track of time when you are reading (A Thousand Splendid Suns, seriously, if you want to know how good you have it as a woman, depending on where you live of course, go read this book, then cry and pray for our middle eastern sisters who have to live this way.) Now? I'm red. Like a lobster. The burn makes my bites HURT. And the aloe makes my legs stick together at night. Which isn't all that fabulous when you have to peel them apart to roll over. OUCHIE. Freaking OUCHIE.
Man I need more 3 day weekends.

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